Thursday, December 20, 2018

Owning the ass of my slave

You probably read the post of my slave about me owning his ass. It is time to add here my point of view.

Before I owned slave M. I have met a lot of slaves and invited them to my home to dominate them. To play with the asses of slaves can be a part of the session but is not essential. To show dominance I do not need to play with their asses.
But it can be an important part of how to show slaves who is in charge, as example by tying them up and play with their asses. But the important part to me is that they are tied up: Defenseless and at my mercy. Otherwise it has nothing to do with domination. Then playing with the most intimate part of their body, the anus, indicates for me the power gap between a Master and a slave. Furthermore it shows that the slave has no right over his body. It is a symbol of owning the slaves body. In sessions you own the body temporarily (in the predefined limits) and in a BDSM lifestyle permanent. For most of the slaves playing gentle with their asses gives them a sexual stimulation but if you begin to worker harder on them it turns into torture. To be in charge of that: giving the slave excitement or to torture them while they are tied up and have to endure the procedure is a great way of showing power!
Furthermore the slave has to prepare himself for my pleasure. I like it very much when slaves have to perform "work" while I am enjoying my time. To know that slaves which came prepared their bodies like I ordered them: shaving, showering, cleaning their asses while I read a book, watched TV or did stuff I liked, gave me a lot of joy.

In all my anal procedure the slave must be tied up. Except for when I use butt plugs. Butt plugs are a great way to additionally show my dominance while the slave is working in the house and to feel that his body belongs to me.

As you perhaps noticed in the list of different slave trainings/protocol there is only an anal training, no anal protocol. For me the anal part is represented in some protocols. The dog-slave protocol includes a dogtail-plug which my slave has to wear. The pony-slave protocol includes a ponytail-plug. In the other protocols I decide spontaneous if I give my slave a plug to wear or not.

As my slave mentioned in his post he was at the beginning not into anal. For me it was clear that I would train him in this area. I created a schedule where he was forced to wear but-plugs. I started
with small ones and over the time they got bigger. I also expended the duration. Furthermore every 3-4 weeks he has an intense anal training unit. Where he is tied up to the buck and his ass gets trained with dildos and plugs. Mostly with an inflatable plug.

Still today he hates these anal training units. But he sees the progress. I think he is also proud of it and sometime I think he also enjoys to wear a plug while doing the house chores. The joyful thing for me is that while he is squirming in the shackles I enjoy the view and the moaning of him. Perhaps you ask now what is with fucking? As you probably noticed to dominate a slave or his ass gives me a lot more than fucking them. For me plugs and dildos are great tools to dominate a slave and show him his position. Of course I also fuck but I enjoy more to dominate them as a superior and to feel that.

For me as Master it is the most beautiful thing to see these progresses. To see that the training bears fruit and that I train him to my needs and pleasure. That makes me very proud of my slave!

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