List of the Different Slave Trainings/Protocols

As you perhaps read in one of my post I train my slave in various areas. When you live a BDSM lifestyle some rules, methods ans structures which applies in session can not be used or adapt in 24/7.

For that reason I differentiate between the standard, high and specific protocols (more information here)! The standard protocol applies 24/7. This are the rules and structures which my slave have to live with all the time (24/7). As example: To be naked, eat from a bowl (at home), to wear his slave collar etc...
There is only one standard high protocol but there are several specific protocols.

For each specific protocol there is also a Slave Training Unit (STU) where I inspect the quality of my slave. Furthermore I learn him in the STU new rules or adapt/change them there. Every Month my slave have to fulfill all slave training (servant training, dogslave training etc...). For these trainings he receive points depending on his performance. More information for what he receive these points in this post here. These trainings are scheduled in his calendar. If he miss these appointments he receive punishments. So the difference between a training and a specific protocol is that the training is scheduled and is a tool for "quality check". Furthermore it is a platform to train him new things.
Only in the trainings he receive points to earning an orgasm. The specifics protocol itself (without training) is for my pure enjoyment when I want him to act in a specific way. When I want him as dogslave or servantslave etc.

So here the several specific protocols slave training units:

Servant Protocol / Training Unit

In the servant protocol my slave has to wear a specific mask, collar, cuffs and he is only allowed to speak to me or other people when the situation needs it. As example when he has to ask someone if he wants more wine, if he should start to cook or to ask what someone wants to drink and so on.
If his service is not needed he has his specified places where and how he has to stand. As example while eating or sitting on the dinning table he has to stand behind my right side. Legs spread open, arms behind his back, head and eyes ahead. But he is allowed to have a peek glance on the table in case a glass or a plate is empty. After taking his position he is not allowed to move a tiny bit. So all visitors can enjoy the view of his slavebody. When his service is needed he is of course allowed to move again. When I or the guest change the room he has to bring the glasses to the new location and go in waiting position there.

Furthermore he has a lot of rules how to serve correctly, in which sequence, when to serve and how to display his slavebody. As example: He is not allowed to interrupt a conversation/interactions of a Master. So he has to kneel with legs apart, a straight back and hand behind his back before me or another Master and wait until they finished the conversation/interaction and address him.
The high protocol is a softened form of this specific protocol.

Dogslave Protocol / Training Unit

In the dogslave protocol my slave has to wear his dogslave mask, his cuffs, collar, mitts and his dogslave tail. Furthermore he is only allowed to bark and to be on all four. He is not allowed to speak at all or to act like a human. Of course he eats from a bowl but that is also included in his low protocol.

Ponyslave Protocol / Training Unit

In the ponyslave protocol my slave has to wear his cuffs, mitts, saddle, snaffle, rein and his ponytail. Furthermore he is not allowed to speak. Of course I am using a crop for giving him commands.

Bondage & Furniture Protocol / Training Unit

In the furniture protocol my slave has to wear his cuffs, mask and collar. In this protocol he is also not allowed to speak and as the name of the protocol already reveals I use him as an object. I prefer to tie him up like a table and put my drinks and stuff on him while he has to be absolutely hold still. I also use him as a chair or as a candle holder. From time to time I tie him up and leave him as example on the floor.

Anal Training Unit

In the Anal Training Unit the ass of my slave get trained. As you perhaps read in the post of my slave he was not into anal practice when he became my slave. So I began to train him in this discipline. In this Unit he has to wear his mask, cuffs and collar. Then he mostly get strapped on the bench. While bound on it his ass gets trained with different plugs and dildos but mostly with an inflatable butplug. To receive positive association to the anal procedure I play intensive with his dick.

As you see the high protocol or trainings are very strict and detailed. To follow these rules would be hard/impossible 24 hours 7 day a week!


Alex said...

That is very adorable and an honor for every slave to be trained to serve You like this SIR

Fran├žois Doyon said...

Very interesting, thanks!