Thursday, December 27, 2018

The benefits of owning a natural slave (Part1)

I decided to write here about the benefits of owning a natural slave by living the BDSM lifestyle.
I want to focus in this post on details and views of owning a natural slave with some examples about the benefits.  But I will skip the obvious benefits of owning a slave here.

In my job I have to do a lot of organizational work. But outside my work I hand it over to my slave to have more time for relaxing. Here are some duties which my slave has to perform which are a huge benefit for me.

Schedule coordination

First of all my slave has to enter all appointments in his digital calendar. His and my calendar are both synchronized together. So he can see my existing (business and private) appointments. This is necessary so he can coordinate new (private) appointments or shift appointments which have to be changed.
My slave has to coordinate the majority of the appointments, for example: Meeting friends. Some of them are very volatile by finding a date to meet. So he has to do the work to find a date or relocate an appointment and in the end ask for my approval. As you see he is not allowed to make decisions without my approval. Mostly he comes with two or three proposed dates where I choose from.

The minority of appointments is coordinated by me. Of course I also make appointments and list them in my "normal" calendar which is synchronized. Here comes the next benefit of having a natural slave: My slave prepares the stuff needed for the upcoming events. When I have a business trip he packs my luggage. When I arranged an appointment with friends he cleans the house and does all preparations (like described in this post) or when I meet friends at their home my slave buys a small gift which I can give them when visiting.

But there is another group of "appointments": The BDSM related appointments. These appointments are organized and coordinated by me. When I invite another Master or slave it is not the concern of my slave who is coming, when or what is planned. That is the reason why I write these appointments in an other, not synchronized, calendar of mine. One exception are visits to clubs who have special events. Therefore my slave is informed (because I write them into the "normal" calendar) and my slave has to organize the trip.

Vacation/Trip planing

I like to go on vacations or a trip but I hate to plan them. I do not want to compare prices, read long texts about recommendations/feedbacks of hotels or the location etc. So I outsourced that to my slave. 
The first step of my slave is to do some researches about what could be a holiday destination. Then he makes some proposal of potential destinations which I approve or decline. With this he makes further researches and presents me some proposals where I choose from. Perhaps he ask me some more questions in the research phase. If I approve he begins to organize everything. Books the flights/train and accommodation. 

But also in the time before the trip begins I have a lot of benefits with my natural slave. He packs the luggage. Prepares all necessary documents and of course has to carry the luggage. Of course I also carry some luggage but only if we go on a big trip and he can't handle all luggage - but as you suspect he has to carry the heavy one.

If I want to go to a specific trip or event, I order my slave to find and book a hotel as well as the transportation to the destination. As a good slave he not only books a hotel, he first does some research (e.g. how far away is the hotel from the event, what is nearby etc.) and books then the Hotel. Then he gives me all necessary information. How far away something is, what I also can visit/do nearby and so on.

If something does not meet my expectation, e.g. the hotel is shady, my slave will be held accountable.

House chores

I know that this is an obvious point but it is worth mentioning one specific point of it: Shopping. One great benefit of owning a slave is, that he can makes all the shopping. I am the type of shopper who exactly knows what he wants and then goes to the shop and buys it or orders the stuff online. I hate it to "search" or go shopping for hours. So my slave takes over this part. He buys all necessary birthday, Christmas presents and so on.
Another, obvious, benefit is that he knows exactly what I love and he knows what my friends like. So I have always my favorite drinks and food at home, moreover when we receive visits he buys also the stuff they like to be a good host!

Of course there are more benefits. But more in a following post!

If you have any question or comments about this post let me know in the comment below.

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