Thursday, January 3, 2019

Visiting one of my non permanent slaves

I decided to meet another slave which I already know for some years.

I ordered the other slave (I will call him here omega-slave) to be chaste 10 days before our meeting and to buy a good wine. As always, he had to do some preparations before our meeting. The slave has to tape the key to his apartment underneath the postbox, get cleaned and shaved. Furthermore, he has to wear a chastity device. After receiving the information that I will soon be at his apartment he had to get prepared: He had to kneel naked, with cuffs, collar and mask in his bedroom and close the door of the bedroom.
Of course I do never inform him if my slave is with me or not. 

After I arrived in the apartment with my slave, I went to the living room and ordered my slave - I call him alpha-slave when meeting other slaves - to get ready. Afterwards I ordered him to pick up, blindfold and bring me the omega slave into the living room. where I sat on the couch. 

The alpha brought and ordered the omega to go onto his knees after placing him directly in front of me. Afterwards, as a good trained slave, the alpha also kneeled down and waited for further orders. As a gesture of welcome the omega slave had to lick my left foot. So I forced his head towards my foot and he began to lick after realizing where his mouth was. I gave my slave the sign to lick my right foot and enjoyed the moment! After a while I decided that both slaves have to lick one foot. So I grabbed the head of my slave and leaded him to the other foot where the omega already licked.

I was thirsty from the travel, so I wanted a glass of wine. I took the blindfold off and commanded the omega to bring me my “welcome drink”. He brought me a glass of wine, held out the drink to me and then kneeled down. There were a lot of small details I recognized which were different between my well-trained alpha-slave and the untrained omega. For example, his posture, the way of reaching the glass, the way he kneels before me and also the way he stood up and went out of the room.

I see great potential in the omega-slave, but the issue is that he needs more and frequent training! 
As I meet him only a few times a year I only train him in the very basics of slavery. If I would meet him more often, of course I would train him in all the slave protocols like the alpha slave. 

He continued to lick my foot. I unpacked my cock and balls, went to the omegas collar and forced him to my balls. As expected he began to lick them. Then I went to my alpha and forced him to my balls too. While nipping on my wine I ordered the omega to suck my cock. As ordered he began so. After a while I ordered the alpha to lick my cock too. Both slave were now enjoying my cock while I was enjoying my glass of wine.

Both slaves had worn a chastity device. I ordered both slaves to kneel before me, I packed my cock back, unlocked my slave’s chastity device and ordered him to entertain me by using the omega. It was also a reward because he had done all his (slave)tasks which he had to do in December. He began to play with the omega, played with his nipples, touched his mask and also his locked cock. At the same time, he paid attention that I had at all time a good view! He ordered the omega to suck his cock! The alpha immediately noticed that I had not the best view on the event.
"Come over here, so that the Master can enjoy best" said my slave to the omega.
He fucked him hard in his mouth and the omega often retched.

While I still sat on the couch the alpha-slave ordered the omega-slave to lay down on his back with his head in front of the couch. My slave then kneeled with his cock above the head of the omega and in front of me. He then began to fuck the mouth of the omega again. It was a marvelous view. To my feet the head of the omega-slave which had to suck the cock of my slave while my slave kneeled before me. I decided to unpack my cock and gave the sign to my slave to suck it. While he was kneeling and fucking the mouth of the omega, he had to suck my cock while I was also playing with the nipples of my slave and enjoying how he used the omega.

I also unlocked the omega slave and ordered the alpha to suck his dick as reward for being chaste!

It was time to have some time alone with the omega. I went to the bedroom and prepared the bed with ropes. I went back where the alpha still enjoyed the omega. I took my slave and brought him to the bedroom where I tied him up on the bed and “parked” him there.

Back in the living room I tied the hand of the omega behind his back and began to play intensively with his nipples. He also received some slaps in his face because he did not properly address me in the conversation before. The rest of the meeting remains a secret. But what I can tell you is: Both slaves received no orgasm and the omega-slave was locked again in his chastity device.

Here you will find the post of my slave about the meeting. (coming soon)

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Unknown said...

This is a great description of how you handle the positioning and hierarchy of the two slaves - especially given the large difference in training they have had.

Master D. said...

Thank you for that compliment!