Thursday, January 24, 2019

The session Master

I have already described what I think is a real or a natural Master. As stated those men are quite rare.
More common is probably the session Master. And I want to talk from my point of view as a slave a little bit about those Masters.

What is a session Master?
A session Master is a 100% Master within a certain amount of time and period, or better said within a session. When he is in a session he is 100% top, dominant, sadistic etc. He likes to play with his slaves and uses them and does great things in a session. But before and after the session he is just a normal guy. He does not require, nor need or seek slave behavior from you. Most of my experiences I had was with session Masters, I think he is the most common type. Before a session you communicate a lot what can happen, what can be done etc. After the session you mostly talk about how the session was and reflect.
Those Master mostly has a lot of different toys and a lot of different outfits. He needs those outfits and those toys to fulfill his lust. For him he is in some kind of a role during the sessions. For example: You will see your Master during a session only in leather, in a rider outfit, as a soldier etc. He likes to have a special type of language which he makes clear to you. He likes to play sometimes roles like: you are in a prison and he is the prison guard, he is your plumber and you can't pay the bill so he rapes you etc...

The advantages of serving a session Master:
A session Master will likely have a lot of toys and great gear. He likes to spent money on his passion. So if you meet him you will probably see a great playroom and experience a lot of toys. Additionally a session Master has a very clear picture what he wants and expects of a slave and what game he wants to play. For you as a slave you will easily know what to expect and what to get. For example: A session Master loves to trains young men between 20 and 25 and turn them into human dogs. For that purpose he has a cage, dog bowls, dog gear etc. He loves to train young males to behave like puppies and likes to train them and see the change over time.

The disadvantages of serving a session Master
A session Master loves to play his games and to play with slaves following a clear picture in his mind. But the biggest disadvantage of serving a session Master is that he will likely be bored with you after some time. Take for example the Master that loves to train young men and turn them into good human dogs. After he has reached that goal he is not interested in you any more. He loves to train young men. But he is not interested in you if you are the best trained puppy he has ever met. That is the difference to a true Master. A true Master loves to have a good human puppy and for him the training is part of his goal. For a session Master the training is the goal. After he has reached the goal he is not interested in you anymore.
Another disadvantage is that it might be that your session Master is a switcher. I had this experience several times. I have met the hardest Master I could think of. But it was hard for me to lick the boots of such a Master when I have found out that he also loved to suck another mens dick and wear a collar. Natural Masters normally don't switch.
Another point I found very strange was that a session Master often looses his dominance after the session. It might happen to you that after a session where you got whipped, plugged and served a hard top drinks everything changes. After that he is a nice guy that wants to talk with you about movies and he starts to make you a cup of tea. Of course that is very nice, but sometimes it is irritating, when you only want to kneel in front of him for the rest of the day.

When is a session Master right for you?
Session Masters are great! You can get a lot of experiences, a lot of toys, a lot of types, a lot of fetishes, while you meet a lot of different session Masters. So if you want to have a lot of experiences with experienced guys go and meet them if you feel so and feel safe.
Even if you are a natural slave it can be great for you to serve a session Master. He will give you a lot of training and when a natural Master comes along you will be a good trained slave. And sometimes session Masters are in reality natural Masters. But I will talk about them another time...

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