Thursday, November 7, 2019

Why my slave has to be an "alphaslave" when guestslaves are visiting.

Having a slave and living the BDSM lifestyle means you get served all day long or at least when your slave is around. That also means you will get used to a specific quality of getting served. My slave knows exactly what I like and how I like it. When he sees that my glass is empty it is normal that he asks if I want a refill. But also when we are in public it is his desire and duty to serve. He carry my luggage without receiving the order. He is trained to do that and it is his desire to do so. After all these years of living the BDSM lifestyle I recognize immediately if a very small detail is not correct. It happens automatically! I do not search "active" for mistakes but my subconscious recognize them immediately. Mostly my slave knows exactly what he had done wrong and accepts his punishment!

For other (guest) slaves it can be overchallanging to reach that "quality-level". That is absolutly normal! To know all the detail which are important to me you have to be well trained regulary.
This is the reason why my slave take the place of the "alphaslave". He has to support the guest slave. For that he is allowed to give orders to the guest slave. But that does not mean he is allowed to use the guest slave for his own desire. Typically that means that my slave give him order like: "Now bring that glass to Master D., kneel before him and make sure you hold the glas in this position".
Because my slave is responsible for the guest slave he also receive punishment when the guest slave does mistakes.

As a reward my slave sometimes receive permission to use the guest slaves for his desire. So when he has permission to use him, he is allowed to use toys on him, order him to lick his nipple, fuck his throat but of course he is not allowed to have an orgsm!

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Anonymous said...

Is your slave ordered to service your other Dom guest?

Master D. said...

Hi Anonymous,
my slave is only allowed to service other Doms when I give him the permission to do so. Furthermore he has to obey. He can not choose if he wants or wants not to service. If he receives my order he has to.
I hope this ansered your question. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

It does I am in service to a Dom and do not know if he will choose that path with me. If someone drops by to visit I am to stay in character nude and keep my chores going or to stand in a corner or even sit at his feet. We are a new couple to this type of life style and I an hoping for more excitement to come my way. Thank you for your info if I have more questions I will contact you again.

Master D. said...

Nice to hear, slave!
If you have more question do not hesitate to ask.
Master D.