Wednesday, November 27, 2019

My slave collar

As a slave I have to undress whenever I come home and put on my slave chain around my neck and my cuffs. I have to stay that way unless ordered otherwise and perform my slaveduties. But as my Master is also my partner I'm still allowed to call him on first name basis, chat about the day and other things that are on both our minds.
Still there are same times where my Master wants me to be a more intense slave, without performing one of my slave trainings. And I also sometimes have the inner wish to be a more intense slave. That is where my Master introduced my slave collar.
It is a beautiful leather collar, which can be locked and where you can adjust a leash or a rope to it. It also has some rings to grab me on my collar. I have to admit: Whenever I wear it, I look into the mirror, cause I think together with my slave chain and my cuffs and nothing else on my body it makes me look real slavish in a high quality way.
Here is the trick: Whenever I wear the collar and I'm not in one of the trainings (dog, pony, servant, etc.) special rules apply. I'm only allowed to address my Master as Master or Sir. There is no talking or chatting unless it is related to my slaveduties or my Master addresses me with a topic. I have to serve food and drinks in a more submissive way than during a normal day and I get punished harder for mistakes.
To sum up: The slave collar is the missing link for us between a normal slave-evening and an intense training. It sets me easily in a more submissive way of behavior. I also love the slave collar very much. I'm allowed to put it on myself every time I feel so. But every time I do so my Master decides when it comes off. This can be sometimes after a minute, because my Master has other plans, or the next morning when I got to work. For me it is a great and easy way to leave behind all the things that come up on your mind during the day and focusing on my slaveduties and on my Masters needs.

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Anonymous said...

You remind me some couples in the book « ask the man who owns him ». But I wonder how do you manage this way of life around family? Are they aware of your true relationship? Thanks

Slave M. said...

Thank you very much for your comment! I have never read the book, but I'll put it on my I-have-to-read-this list. That is a very good question! I think it will take me some time to answer it, so I'll address this topic in one of my next posts. So stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

I can’t wait to read your answer! Specially with all the family around during Christmas... Hard to hide everything...