Thursday, March 7, 2019

Marked as my Masters' slave.

I now bear the marking of my Master! We have been thinking about marking me as a slave for a long time. After being owned for almost a decade it was now time to do the step. But we wanted to do it the right way. There are many ways how you can mark a slave permanently. You can pierce a slave, you can tattoo him or you can chip him like a dog. We know for example a Master who marked his slave with a piercing in his slave penis. All of those markings have their advantages and their disadvantages. Some are more subtle than others. We decided to go with a tattoo, cause it is permanent, you can’t lose it and once you have it it always stays with you. My Master has made himself a logo where he started to mark some of his belongins and things he daily uses. So it was naturally that I would get the same mark.

But of course it should also have a design and place on my body where it would fit in in our world with our vanilla friends. I think we found a good way to do just so, so that I can wear his mark in every situation. After the design was found we did not want to just go to a normal tattoo studio. After a long internet search we found a BDSM-Tatooist who is specialized in tatooing slaves for masters and mistresses.
After some E-Mails and phone calls everything sounded safe and sane and we made an appointment.
I was so excited about that day. My Master made me wear my slave mask, my collar, my cuffs and was beside that I was naked. The tattooist was very nice and made me feel safe and easy. As a good slave I served drinks and had also some finger food prepared before I got marked. I was tied down to a bench and received a gag. From there on the tattooist started do mark my skin with the emblem of my Master. My Master was the whole time with me, touched me and made me feel safe and loved. Of course there was some pain but I have to admit, I had received harder pain before. After one hour I was freed from the bench. I thanked the tattooist and kissed my Masters feet. The tattooist made a great job and made it a very special and very festive moment for both of us.

I still need to be careful so that the tattoo can heal totally, but it will soon be over and I already have the opportunity to look at the tattoo and be proud that I’m the slave of my owner!

If you want to read the view of my Master about this special event, you can find his Blog entry here.

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