Friday, March 15, 2019

How to communicate properly with a natural Master (over social media)

There are some BDSM related social media platforms, like recon / fetlife / planetromeo, where you can search, communicate and if it matches meet with Masters (and of course also slaves).

My slave already wrote a post about "How to address your Master properly". The focus of his article was how he addresses me and how it becomes naturell to him to call me Sir/Master. In this article I want to write about how I liked to be addressed on such social media platforms or better what I think a slave should be aware off when writing with a natural Master. This topic is very subjective and I think every Master has his own preferences. But I think for the most natural Master there are similarities. So here are my preferences when chatting with a slave.

But before you continue reading be sure to understand the concept of a natural Master.

Here one important key point from the article a natural Master which you have to keep in mind is:
"...key aspect: For natural Masters sex is not the main focus. Of course: Most of them like to get their dick sucked and to fuck a slave, but that is not the main interest of them. In fact most of the sessions I had with natural Masters contained no sex at all...." 

Before starting a conversation

First of all be yourself and do not play any role when chatting with a natural Master. Your mask will fall sooner or later!
You are a slave and a human being to a natural Master. Show that in the chat. You have emotion, needs and feeling as well as good and bad days. I (as a natural Master) want to feel/read that the slave has a personality/individual. Furthermore read the profile of the Master carefully. You do not believe how many slaves begins a conversation without reading the profile! By reading the profile carefully you can try to find out or find clues if there is a natural Master or a session Master behind the profile. Furthermore it is decency towards the Master!

Another important thing is that you keep your profile up-to-date and I do not mean here the pictures. I mean your profile text. Everyone can make picture in seconds, perhaps photoshop them or use filters in no time. Many fake profiles (who delete their profile after a few days) uploads web-picture. But to write a good profile text which has essential information in it without being overloaded takes times. Furthermore it divulges a lot more information between the line as you think! Profiles who are well maintained are mostly profile which I find trustworthy.

When you suspect that the profile is owned by a natural Master make first contact without being horny! I am sure your horniness will stay in the way for a good conversation. A lot of slaves are focused about their sex when they are horny and not about the essential part of BDSM: Serving the Master.

Starting a conversation

Don't start a conversation with sending a dick pic or any kind of pictures when you think there is a natural Master behind! You will be asked/ordered to send picture when the Master wants to see them. Of course you can offer picture but the decision should be made from the Master. Avoid to write a single word or a single phrase to start! How you should start?
Start with a proper greeting and explain why you started to contact especially that profile. Perhaps because you agree to the profile text, because you had similar experiences to something in the profile text. It can also be something not related to BDSM. Show that you have really intension to start a conversation by writing 3-4, or more lines and do not use any kind of saved templates!

If you want to address the (at that moment unknown) Master as Sir or Master you can do that, but then stay on that course and be stringent. Otherwise it would not be credible! I love it when slaves are showing me their respect by calling me Sir or Master but it is not necessary. I am dominant without being called Sir or Master.

What I do after receiving the first message

After receiving the first message I read it carefully. I try to find out what the intension behind the message is. What kind of slave is behind the profile (natural slave or a session slave and what slave subtype it could be) and one big question I try to find out: Was the message driven by horniness!!??
Because as mention above: Sex is not my main interest! I am interested in slaves who wants to serve a Master and not in quick sex. If I found out that the slaves searches primarily sex I stopp the conversation immediately.

After I read the message, I go to the profile and try to find out how trustworthy the profile is. How old is the profile, are there any friends linked to the profile, what and how is the profile text written. Is it a "casual" or a fetish profile? The more information are given the higher are the chance that I start the conversation.

During a conversation

Let the Master sense your submissiveness but do not play a role. A good natural Master, it depend on his experiences, can sense that. It can be small thinks, small questions like: "Can I ask if...." or "Is it okay when I...". Ask your question but do not force. Show your (natural?) submissiveness. That does not mean that you can not be cheeky. Show you personality! But of course when you are to cheeky it can have consequences. Show that you know and like/love to be a slave and to serve.

Personally I am not the Master who meets after a few messages with a slave. It is a process and takes his time. I need the feeling that the slave really wants to be dominated, to serves me and that the sexual part is not the main focus. That the slave receive his fulfillment in serving me.
If a slave wants to get fucked or/and blow cocks, he fulfills his need not mine. I will order him to suck my dick if I have the need for it. If I only want to use him as a footstool or enjoy his body then I do so!

But before that happen I want to be sure I found a slave who wants to serve and who understand the BDSM lifestyle (also when he is only coming as a guest-slave for a few hours/days!)

My experience

Because of todays fast moving social media platform dating other people became easy. It is easy to search and find fast sex. Therefore it is really hard to find natural Master or natural slaves on these platforms. 90% of the BDSM profiles are related to session Masters/slaves.
The few natural Master/slaves probably adapt their way of domination/serving because of this situation. Do not give up! It is worthy to find your counterpart!

If you have any question or comments about this post let me know in the comment below.


Anonymous said...

Great article! And you are right: A lot of slaves dont even read the profile text. For example, my profile contains a lot of information, showing exactly in which kind of subs I am interested in. It closes with "If this you, then you are allowed to message me with more than just a simple 'Hi, Master'".
It is unbelievable how much slaves are messaging me with 'Hi, Master' or even shorter... This is major disrespect and a clear sign that it is not worth any conversation.

Master D. said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thank you for your comment. I agree, mostly these slaves are driven by horniness or/and it shows that their quality is insufficient for serving a Master. But there are also slaves which takes time and read the profile. We should really focus on them.
Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Think serious slaves try to show they are serious. The problem seen by this slave is there are very few sincere Masters out there. Or the slave has to be a certain way or they do not want them. Never been owned but finding that more and more it becomes harder and harder to find a serious and sincere Master.