Friday, October 18, 2019

Should a slave have hobbies?

Most Masters and slaves might say that a slave should not have hobbies but only focus on the Master. But in my opinion it can be useful that a slave has hobbies.
The most challenging aspect is of course time. Between work and serving my Master it is hard to find any time for my hobbies. So whenever my Master is away (e.g. business trips) I'm allowed to focus more on my hobbies as long as I do all the tasks I get from my Master. But even when my Master is here he allows me and encourages me to take some time for my hobbies.
I think my Master does that for two reasons: He sees that my hobbies are good for my physical and mental health. My sport hobbies help keep me healthy and my other hobbies help keep me relaxed from stress at work etc. But of course my Master would not allow me every kind hobby. He approves of the hobbies I now have because they are doing me good, they are not expensive, not time-wasting and not dangerous. I think those kind of hobbies he would forbid for me, if I would for example ask him to climb the Mount Everest once a year.
But we sometimes also are doing hobbies together. Of course my Master is always welcome to join me on my hobbies and he sometimes does so when he takes interest or fun in those activities. My Master sometimes says that his main hobby is owning and training slaves, but of course he also finds joy in other activities. And there it is very good to own a slave. In the evening when I take care of all the chores at  home he has free time to relax and enjoy his hobbies. I like it very much that I can make his life easier so that he has more free time.
But he also enjoys hobbies which he can't to alone and there it is also great if you own a slave because you always have partner at hand where you can order him to join the same hobby as you. Some years ago my Master and me started a new sport which you can only perform with at least two people. My Master has not directly ordered me to join him in this sport, but I would possible have never started it without him and at first I really started it to make him happy. I now also enjoy this sport, but I sometimes wonder if I enjoy the hobby itself or if I enjoy making my Master happy while doing it. And making my Master happy is my main goal in life.

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Anonymous said...

Whilst some time to refresh through hobbies is required, too much spare time can be bad for a slave. As the saying goes, “the devil makes work for idle hands”. When slaves have completed their work, a useful way to engage them is in wiring lines (like some people used to do at school), With the correct statement, wiring lines can become reinforcement therapy reminding the slave what it must do for his master. 25 lines should take an hour and any longer can require a punishment for the slave. Another option is to set something 500 lines over a weekend or other period of time, forcing the slave to make choices about chores or lines.