Thursday, July 11, 2019

When a slaves misses his Master

Once in a while there are times where a Master and a slave are separated for different reasons, mostly of business reasons. I'm now in this state because my Master has to go on business trips on a regular basis and so I decided to reflect a little bit on this topic.
First of all it is my duty as a slave to keep everything smooth and running while my Master is away, returns and leaves again. As a slave I make sure that I pack and unpack his suitcase, always provide him with fresh and sufficient clothes and all the things he needs for a business trip. I have already written about my duties concerning this topic.

While my Master is away it is my duty that I take care of our flat and that I do all my slave chores so that he finds a nice and pleasant home when he comes returns. This are all the things that are part of my everyday life as a slave.
What is more complicated is that I miss my Master like hell! While we are separated I'm not 100% complete. Everyday I can't be with my Master, every evening I can't kneel before him and serve him his favorite drink I deeply miss something in my life. My desire to serve him is so strong within me and it is a big part of me. He knows that and he also misses me. But I also see it is my slave duty that I'm patient and calm till the moment my Master returns. He must not worry about his slave missing him at home, so he can absolutely concentrate on his work and enjoy the evenings at different places.
And when he returns and when we can spend time together I really enjoy every second I'm near him. Till that moment I sleep on the floor and wait till I'm allowed to reenter the bed with my beloved Master!

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