Thursday, December 26, 2019

What it is like to love your Master

Love and BDSM - many people have already shared their thoughts on this topic. Some say you can't combine love and BDSM, others say they go hand in hand. For me love is essential for my BDSM-relationship. I really love my Master and my love helps me to submit to him. I try do to everything for him, to please him and to make his life easier and that is a lot connected with love. You might wonder, but my Master also loves me. For him training his slave, torturing him and commanding him is also connected with love. I feel totally save with my Master, I trust him absolutely. He is my Owner and my partner. He challenges me, he trains me, he commands me, he tortures me. But he also laughs with me, watches a movie with me, takes interest in my thoughts and my feelings.

Many have said, that they have stopped BDSM in their relationship when they decided that they could not submit to or command their beloved partner. For us it is quite the opposite. Love with all its components is the basis for serving my Master. It always been for me this way. I have always only submitted to Masters which I found likeable and had a basis with. For my sympathy is the basis of BDSM. I have submitted and served Masters that I did not like, that were hard and harsh to me and wanted me to feel small and to suffer. But I could not really submit to them. I could not take them for real. I was lucky to find some dominant people in my life that also become my friends. To one of them I still sometimes submit, as you now from our blog. But I always wanted something more and knew that there was something more. But the search for a permanent Master was too challenging for me, I met some wrong people. When I was about to give up for my search for a Master I met Master D. and I decided to submit to him for a weekend. It was incredible! I never had met such a natural dominant Master that was carrying and sensitive at the same moment. I started to love serving him, I started to love belonging to him and then I started to love him. I know my Master owns me and controls me. So yes, it is not only possible to love your Master, it is just great!

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socialslave said...

This one believes there are so many different types of “Love” we must embrace the BDSM love. For it is different and not the Hallmark type. For it can be so much deeper a bonding. A sharing and exchange on almost a cellular level. For Master – slave interchange feeds the type of honesty not often found in a red satin heart full of chocolates. Not to say that kind can not often coexist with BDSM love. Just sometimes the confusion of the two can lead to the kind of hurt that is not part and parcel to our world of TPE.

Master D. said...

Thank you for your thoughts socialslave. I also believe that a BDSM relationship can sometimes go deeper then a vanila relationship because trust and devotion are importent aspects of it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, when you live with someone 24/7 and know all his strengths and weaknesses, how can you show him utterly respect as your Master? Don’t you see him as a simple man sometimes? Thank you for your answer.

Slave M. said...

Thank you very much for your interest in our blog! That is a very good question. I think I'll choose this topic for my next blog entry. Stay tuned!