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Tributing a Master (from Master D.'s view)

While surfing throuht the web I see a lot of these so called "Cash-Masters". So I decided to write this articel about my point of view on slaves tributing a Master. Therefore I will lay my focus only on the subject of tributing. I will write an own articel about the subject of financial domination one day. From my point of view you have to distinguish these two things!
But I have to admit, that the topic of tributing is not an easy subject and has a lot of prejudice!

First of all I want to explain what I understand with the word "tribute", what differences there are and what makes it really a tribute for me...
First of all it means that the slave donates a gift to a Master! But this does not mean money in the first place, but of course it can be. It can also be a good wine, chocolate or anything else. Something that shows the gratitude from an inferior to a superior. Of course there are also other ways for an inferior to show gratitude but here I focus on the subject of tributing through gifts or money!

Before I dig deeper into the subject I want to distinguish between a tribute which the slave has given to an Master on its own accord and a tribute which the Master received because the slave was ordered to. That makes a tremendous difference for me as a real Master!
Let me explain it with an example: Let's say I invite a guest slave which served well the last time. As a tribute from its own accord and because it feels right to him he brings a gift as gratitude for tributing me. It is the gesture and the thoughts behind his gift what counts the most and therefore the "emotional(-BDSM)" value behind it. For me one important condition has to be fulfilled that I can enjoy/accept a tribute from a slave. It has to be the desire of the slave to tribute me. For me it is only a real tribute when it is a voluntary desire of the slave to show his gratitude in that way! That makes it a real tribute. I have to add that I find it appropriate that a slave should ask first if he is allowed to tribute. So that the decision of a tribute lays in my hand!

There is one exception where I sometimes "order" a tribute: Lets change the situation in my scene above little bit. Lets say a slave is coming the second time or more often and I train him to become a better slave. Because he receives food, drink (of course out of a bowl) and perhaps accomodation it can happen that I order the slave to bring a tribute for showing his gratitude, but I, from my Master being, would never give him a specific order what exactly he should bring! The slave has to decide what and how much he wants to spend for the tribute. It can be a wine, chocolate, something very small. Important is that the slave has to find something on his own. Something what he thinks would be appropriate. There will also be an "emotional" value behind that kind of ordered gift but not that much as if a slave would buy something from his own initiative to tribute me as a Master.

But there is another VERY important Aspect of tributing which has to mentioned here and this is to be an reasonable and responsible Master!!!
Yes of course, in all aspects of BDSM it is absolutely important to be a reasonable and responsible (natural) Master! And therefore also in the subject of receiving a tribute! What I mean is that you are responsible for your slave(s) and therefore you have to evaluate if the tribute is reasonable for the slave. Lets say I would know that the financial situation of a slave would not be good and that as a tribute on its own accord the slave would bring me something very expensive. Therefore I would not accept the gift or at least share a part of the expenses. Needless to say that the slave would receive punishment because he did not chose a reasonable gift for his situation.

In my conclusion I can only speak for myself:
As a Master I am not into the gift or money itself. If I want something I buy it myself!! A tribute is a tool for a slave where he can show gratitude to a Master. I am into that, into what lays behind these tributes and what they mean in the BDSM context. I am into the gesture, thoughts and what the slave wants to express with it, this arouses me. If a slave wants to tribute to a Master and it feels right to him to do so, he should do it. Needless to say that of course he has to do that in a reasonable and responsible way. But hopefully he gratitudes a Master who understands the meaning of a tribute and what lays behind it!

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