Friday, August 23, 2019

Serving my Master on his business trip

Normally when my Master goes on a business trip I take care of him and his luggage before and after his trip and take care of our flat. Recently I could take some days off and join him during a longer business trip for some days to serve him. My Master made clear that he wanted his slave on this business trip and not his partner. So he set strict and clear rules what he expected from me during the trip.
It started with traveling. Although I was free to choose the means of transportation I decided to fly economy and to use public transport to reach the hotel of my Master. My Master was very pleased with that decision of mine, although also free people use that way he said he found it more appropriate for me as a slave to take those means of transportation. He of course traveled business class and rented a car to reach his hotel.

To give you an idea what it is like to have a slave with you on a business trip I'm going to describe you the daily procedure from the view of my Master.
When the alarm started the slave got immediately out of bed and started to lick the Masters' feet so that he would have a nice and relaxing way of waking up. Depending on his mood my Master would sometimes let his slave back in bed to lick his balls. Then my Master went to the bathroom, where his slave had everything prepared the way he was ordered. My Master would find a fresh towel, his razor etc. exactly at the places he ordered them, so he would waste no time searching for them. After a hot shower my Master would come back into the room and find all his business clothes prepared for him. His slave was kneeling in front of the Masters chair with a cup of fresh brewed coffee in his hand. My Master also would find that his slave had prepared his mobile phone and the crop for his Master. My Master would enjoy his morning coffee, while reading his newspaper on the phone and getting his dick sucked and his balls licked by his naked slave. After that my Master would take his slave to the prepared business clothes and sit down on the slave's back and put on his clothes. After that his slave would kneel down next to the Master's chair,  head down and present the crop and the Master would leave.
After a long day's work my Master would return and when he opened the door he would find his slave in the exact same position as he had left the hotel room. But in the meantime the room had been cleaned and a drink had been prepared. The rest of the evening my Master could relax and enjoy his slave. That means the he would order food to the room, so that his slave could eat dinner out of the dog bowl. The rest of the night my Master would play with his slave, especially his body, get his feet licked, his dick sucked and then went to bed with his slave till the alarm would sound the next day and everything would start again.

This was the typical day from the point of view of my Master. My Master was so nice to allow me to leave the hotel room and explore the city during the day. I just had to be back at the ordered time. My Master also put the chastity belt on my slavedick. He keeps me chaste all the time, but I don't have to wear the device all the time. But now he wanted to keep me locked during the trip. For me it was a great experience to serve my Master during the business trip. He really enjoyed the service of his slave and that I had to follow the strict slave protocol all the time. Our communication was mostly limited to "Does my Master want another drink?" "Yes Sir, of course Sir!" "Sir,  please I feel I can't take anymore!" - he was playing with my body in the evening for his amusement, binding me, edging me and placing the nipple clamps on my slave nipples.
During the day I once received a text where my Master told me that since his slave had arrived he was totally relaxed at work and more productive. And that made me really proud, because that is what slaves are good for: Serving a Master and make his life better! Maybe he will order me to go with him also on the next business trip!

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