Thursday, September 5, 2019

How I'm becoming more and more a slave

Every relationship evolves and that is just natural that also our relationship evolves. Some BDSM-relationships struggle with keeping up the Master-slave part over the years. But we have until now no problems with that. Instead I think I'm becoming more and more a slave, although I already consider myself as a born slave.
I notice some small changes in my behavior that show over time that I'm becoming more and more slavish. For example I think of my partner more often as of my Master and not as my partner.
Just recently I packed his suitcase for a business trip and I thought: "I must not forget to pack Master D.s' favorite trouser." I did not thought of D., but of Master D! Which kind of struck me with some surprise in this moment.
My Master also really loves it when I call him Sir oder Master every time it is possible. He does not give me the order to call him that way, because he wants it that this comes from my deep desire from my inside and not be forced. And I noticed I really call him more often Sir, whenever it is possible. Of course it it not possible all the times and even when it is possible I don't use the term Sir all the time, because I'm always a humble slave whether or not I'm using the word Sir. But it is definitely getting more! And there are also some other small parts changing...
I wonder where that will lead and how our relationship will going to evolve from here. I talked with my Master about this topic. He also noticed those changes and is very pleased about them. For him I'm his slave, his pet and his partner but he really enjoys it when I become more and more a slave and supports on that journey but doesn't want to force it.

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Anonymous said...

My respects slave m . I’m only a session slave but i admire your dedication .

Slave M. said...

Thank you for your comment! I feel honored that another slave admires my dedication! That is encouraging:-)
Enjoy serving Masters during your time as a session slave!