Thursday, April 9, 2020

Guest Post - Slavery in a "polyamorous" lifestyle, thoughts of a slave.

Although I have already had a M/s relationship, I am now going thru another path for my life: a polyamorous BDSM slavery. This is something quite new for me, and I am still learning and being trained by my Master about this specific lifestyle. My Master is experienced, and very good at it. He already owns a slave pup named Glitch that is very dedicated and loyal to the family. My brother Glitch has much more experience than me in this kind of relationship. He is a real model for me and I am very lucky to have him as a pup brother, so I can learn faster and better how to please our family.
First things first:

Polyamorous relationships can exist in many different approaches. I have seen different types of polyamorous relationships such as (not an exhaustive list):
  • “pup packs”, that even the “alpha Master” is considered a Pup or a dog;
  • Master + alpha slave + multiple beta slaves;
  • Master + multiple slaves with the same hierarchy;
  • Couple of Masters/Mistress (gay or not) + slave(s).
Our family has a different approach than others: We are formed by one Human Master that owns two faggot subhuman pup slaves with the same hierarchy, unless Master decides otherwise. Moreover, My Master has collared slaves (such as me and my brother) and uncollared slaves (slaves that are only trained sometimes and are not totally part of our family). Me and my brother only worship our Master, that’s a law. We can only call our Master as “Master” and everyone else is “Sir”.

Between us, pups, we call ourselves as pup (my brother), puppy (me) or by our dog names (Glitch and Argos). Even when talking about common subjects we don't use our human names, this is part our reality as pup slaves. Me and my brother don’t have any reason to be jealous of each other. We both know our position as property of Master and we both help each other in whatever way we are able to. Our Master do not raise us to be competitive against one another, we collaborate to thrive together as a united family - we are extensions of our Master, working in unity.

I can clearly say that I have an immense gratitude for my family and, therefore, I am dedicated to give the best I can to build, together, a thriving and happy life.

This blogentry was written by: Pup Argos.

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socialslave said...

Thank You for this well written look at yet another type of BDSM relationship. This on has never experienced puppy training, but as a slave can understand how certain dynamics of it can be beneficial. I support you and your family and wish you well. Please keep us posted. This slave always wants to learn.