Thursday, April 30, 2020

Financial domination

The more I am exploring twitter (of course with BDSM context) the more findoms I find. So I decided to write about financial domination. Everything I write here is my opinion and keep in mind I focus on the aspect of living the BDSM lifestyle with a slave. First of all financial domination can be ordering your slave to tribute to you or to another Master. But the „honest“ tribute comes when a slave himself wants to tribute to a Master without receiving the order for it. About the subject of tributing you can read here and here from my slave. On this post I want to focus on financial domination. Full financial domination means you can or you do control the financial situation of your slave but of course there are also attenuated forms of financial domination.

Unfortunately (and this is my point of view) there are a lot of Masters who want to enrich themselves by draining slaves. From my side this has nothing to do with financial domination in a healthy BDSM lifestyle relationship. In the contrary: It has nothing to do with the key stone of BDSM. Trust, honesty and security. So what does financial domination mean and what does it stand for in my point of view? Of course it means that the Master is in charge of the financial situation of his slave. But does it mean the slave has to ask for everything or for every penny he wants to spend? NO! But it can be if the Master likes to. At first it means the Master is allowed to give rules and orders about the finance of his slave. Of course that can mean that the Master manages the financial part but it could also mean that as long as there are no rules/orders the slave is allowed to spend and use his money as he wishes. It is a HUGE responsibility to financialy dominate a slave! To be responsible for the financial part of your slave is a massive sign of trust and submission. Don't underestimated that. You can really mess a life when you do not act responsible.

The first job for a Master should be to assure that his slave is financially save in case something happens. It should be clear that a Master takes care of the wellbeing of the slave and therefore save the money of his slave on a (perhaps seperate) bank account where the slave can get it in case something happens to the Master. Of course if a Master takes full control of the financie of his slave he is also responsible to be sure that all necesairy expenses are made - like retirement provision, health insurence and so on. Financial domination means for me not the Master earns the money. It means for me he controls the money of his slave. Of course it could mean that you order your slave here and there that he has to buy something or take over the bill of the meal as an ordered tribute. That can also be a part of it but this should not be daily life on the main reason of financial domination. You should not use the money to enrich yourself. That is not BDSM, that is taking advantages over an inferior who trusts his superior. Don't get me wrong, there is a big difference between tributing and financialy dominating a slave.

It is about what lays behind it. The meaning and emotions of the financial domination. It means the slave trusts you so much that he accepts to also financially submit to you. That he also accepts his position as slave in the financial part of his "slavelife". That he accepts his position and gives you the fully trust over his financial life. That is a huge honor and a tremendous responsibility for the Master. Do not mess with that. It is about the symbiosis and the meaning of belonging, trusting and honoring the Master. Take the responsibility which comes with that huge honor. As I said a Master is allowed to order a tribute as long as it is in a responsible boundary. I personally love it when a slave comes from his own and asks if he is allowed to tribute. Because the tribute comes from the slave itself, from his desire to serve/honor a Master. Same comes with financial domination. It is a wish from him to show respect and trust. I understand that it can also be thrilling to order a tribute because it shows the dominance and power behind it but for me personally I feel more thrilled to receive the trust. So financial domination is more than buying fancy staff for you. It is about trust, responsibility to your slave and the symbiosis which lays behind it!

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