Thursday, October 22, 2020

Being used as a cleaning object

I exist to serve my Master. My Master knows that and he uses me in many ways. This time I want to tell you about one special way my Master uses me which brings my submissiveness out in fullest. My Master uses me as an object if it pleases him and I also have to take care of the household. On Saturdays he combines those two ways of using me. Of course not every Saturday is the same but quite often Master and I get up on a Saturday morning. First thing I serve him his Master coffee, lick his feet while he enjoys the coffee and reads the news. After that I am allowed to have my breakfast in the cage. After that Master usually turns me into his cleaning object to take care of the flat on Saturday morning.Because of several reasons not all household chores can be performed during the week, so there is a lot to do on a Saturday morning. But my Master wants that I perform my duties as a total slave. Usually I am naked, cuffed and wear my slave necklace around my neck. Then Master orders me to put on my slave mask, my slave collar, sometimes a gag and quite often my slavedick is locked and I get plugged. This way Master expects me to perform all my tasks, while he enjoys a quiet Saturday morning, reading, gaming, sleeping or just chilling. And I really love to serve my Master this way because I am reduced to a cleaning object. In this times I don't even think of me as a slave but more as an object. I am not allowed to speak unless it is necessary for my tasks and quite often I am gagged. Also me hearing is impaired because of my slave mask, so I have to be always on alert if my Master gives me another order. But on the other hand I have to move a lot and so I always feel the wait of my cage around my slavedick and of course I feel with every movement the plug inside my ass. This way I do the laundry, fold clothes, hoover, clean, do the dishes, cook etc. Sometimes Master orders me to come to him and then he plays with my plug, my locked slavedick or my useless nipples and shows me who is in charge and who has to work for whom. Sometimes he even unlocks my slavedick and edges me until I think my brain is going to melt. Then he orders me back to my chores with my erect slavedick and orders me to come back as soon as the cage would fit on my slavedick again. 
This is the way I really enjoy my Saturday mornings because I can serve my Master, he can relax and I can feel my enslavement with every inch of my body. 

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socialslave said...

Thank you for sharing this. Enslavement truly is something that should be felt with every inch of the body. For it is a joy that can re-charge the energy for dealing with everyday life.
It is easier to put up with life's straight bullshit, the prejudice , the “heterosexist/ vanilla” constraints when you have had your true self reinforced.
Perhaps it also recharges your Master to allow Him the freedom to control His slave. Remember He has had the same society rules forced upon Him.

He is told “He can not own another person” just as you were told to “hate slavery”.
This one must admit to never having experienced being an object, so there is no knowledge in that area. However everyday “slave” has become my name. It is the only thing I still own, every thing else along with every cell of the slave body now belongs to Master.
So Thank You Again for your clarity in describing this real life.

POTE said...

I loved the story and I believe that in BDSM life, routine is as important as the rules. Submissive slaves understand that they must obey their routines, they need rules, limits, tasks and obligations, each of which reiterates the condition of inferiority and submission. I just disagree about the feeling of being an object. A slave is not an object, it is closer even though inferior to an animal. Nobody takes pleasure in torturing a chair or a blender, it doesn't make sense. Torturing a slave which is working to please you, even if it is doing its job very well, makes perfect sense.
You are working to please me, but you have to do it with pain, with discomfort, humiliated and obediently. I can still interrupt your work to cause more pain and discomfort, to increase my pleasure and give you greater joy in being just mine, my despicable and unimportant slave. Torturing the working slave is like undoing all the work he just did, messing up and dirtying everything again. This does not render the work useless, it just reiterates that the work is not worth what it produces, but for the practice of surrender and submission to the will of the Owner.

Anonymous said...

Can you describe your slave mask please? Is it leather? Rubber?

Master D. said...

Hi there,
You see a picture of the rubber mask in our blogpost „Kissing a Master“. It is a simple rubber mask which objectifies my slave.

Anonymous said...

Thank You SIR.