Thursday, October 8, 2020

My thoughts on "participating" in "Locktober"

My Master has decided that he wants to have his slave participate for the first time ever in "Locktober". I had known this concept before and seen it on the internet. But I was not particularly interested in this idea because since I became the slave of my Master I always have to stay chaste and I am not allowed to touch my dick. Only my Master releases me from time to time if I have earned it or if he decides to do so. So staying chaste for one month or being locked for one month is nothing new to me.
But I can understand how people are interested in "Locktober". Staying chaste for your partner, for your Master is incredibly hot, shows a lot of trust and helps many submissive become more submissive. But of course staying chaste for a long time after you had spent your life fucking and jerking off as you wished can be very hard. So being locked from one day to another and having to stay chaste for a month can be a real challenge. In this case I think it can be helpful to know that around the globe thousands of other submissives are also chaste during "Locktober" and probably having the some struggles and challenges of staying chaste. I can help to feel united as submissives!
But it is also important for me to take the pressure out of Locktober. Locktober does not mean to me that EVERY submissve has to take part in that. If you want to take part in it it does not mean that you have to wear a cage for the whole month. There can be various reasons for taking of a cage for a longer or a shorter time: work, health, sports etc. But of course if you stay chaste during this time until your cage gets back on you still take part in Locktober. If you have to feeling you can't stay chaste any longer seek support from your Dom or other slaves who are locked at the same time. Many will be glad to help you. And if you fail, don't hate yourself, look at how long you have stayed chaste and if you want to you can try it even longer the next time. Some subs are locked permanently. For them Locktober is a piece of cage because their body has adjusted to not getting released and being permanently locked. It is hardest for those who had sex regularly before and now try to stay chaste for one month.
Overall I think 2020 Locktober is especially a good idea. This fall it might be important to again limit contacts and especially close sexual contacts with other people. So if you want you can try not only to stay chaste but also to limit dates at all. This could help us all to go through winter as good as possible. In this case our whole society would benefit from Locktober.

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Anonymous said...

I am so curious how you spent your wedding night. I mean as master slave or as just partners. May be you write a blog post about it.

Andy said...

I second that notion. I have also been curious how your wedding night was special. I have a duality of sub and total romantic and enjoy the entire spectrum of my interest is piqued.