Thursday, October 1, 2020

Objectification of slaves

Objectification of a slave is for me an important and essential part of BDSM. I see my slave as my property and belonging. Therefore I see him - as well as guestslaves - as kind of objects. I chose explicitly the term "kind of object" because slaves are of course also human beings with feelings and emotions. As you know when a slave decides to serve me he automatically gets branded as slave in my mind but he also becomes an object towards me and I believe that lies in the nature of a slave. The slave is losing a big part of his self-determination towards the Master. That makes him a kind of an object. Just like owning a pet. 

Of course there are several level of objectification. The first level of objectification is the normal Master/slave relationship where the slave belongs to his Master and therefore also is his object. But in the first level of this objectivication the slaves keeps his "identity". With identity I mean that you are not covering up the face of the slave and therefore you recognize his "identity" and his facial expression. Don't forget we recognize and identify people almost exclusively by their faces! For us humans faces are like fingerprints.

Furthermore a lot of non-verbal expressions are transmitted by the face. By covering up the face of the slave with a mask you are taking away a part of his natural abitily to non-verbaly communicate and transforming him more to a slave-object and of course you are also taking a part of his identy away. So ordering or forcing a slave to wear a mask makes a great impact on objectiving him.
When I order my or a slave to suck my Mastercock while he is wearing a mask he is more an object to me as without a mask. I believe this is because every human being always reads automatically the bodylanguage - unconscious as well as conscious - of the person opposite! A mask is therefore also a great tool to bypass that. I find it more important that the slave reads the bodylanguage of his Master so he can serve him appropriate and understands his signals. In reverse the Master has not to be "bothered" by the signals of the slaves face. And for the important signals - which shows that the slave is happy or something is wrong - you do not need the facial expression if you observe your property well.

Another level to objectify the slave is by holding him as a dog- or pony-slave. Especially when letting him wear a mask and also taking away his human "behaviours". A slave who is not allowed to speak, only allowed to be on all fours and eating out of a bowl is a strong sign of submission.

Of course there is a deeper level of objectification and that is to use your slave as an object. Using him as a trayholder or tie him up as a table, a footrest or using him as an ashtray or as a chair. The big different lies in the interactions whith your slave. When using my slave as a table I almost completly ignore him but only "almost" because as Master you have the responsibility to be sure that he is safe. When using a slave as a pure object I expect absolut silence from the slave and I don't want to be disturbed. When I am in the mood for playing with his slave body perhaps inserting a butplug or sqeezing his slaveballs he has to remain as object and is not allowed to move. 
When you are living BDSM it is important that you can switch between these levels. In the standard protocol - so in daily life - my slave remains my object but on a lower level. When ordering him into the high protol the objectification automatically deepens especialy when wearing his slavemask and when I am ordering him into the furniture protocol with no interaction between us it is the deepest way of objectifying my slave!

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Don said...

I find this very interesting. Something new to me.

fs001 said...

Thank You for explaining us subs how Sirs feel, Sir. It helps us to understand. And so maybe to become better subs, Sir...
Submission is not only physical but also (and mainly) mental. But of course You already know that much better than i do, Sir.
However it's always very nice and interesting to read what clever Masters think, Sir. Thank You very much for sharing Your thoughts, Sir.