Thursday, December 17, 2020

The use of social media as slave

Like everybody I use social media. And I really love it, because it helps me to stay informed, be in contact with people, meet new people and even make some friends. Especially twitter is great in this, as long as it allows kink content.

But of course like everybody I also see the bad sides of social media. So I decided to reflect a little bit about how I as slave use it and where I see the benefits and problems.

 Time: I think one of the most important things about the use of social media is the time aspect. It is great to read news and it is great to interact with many people. But of course it can also be very time consuming and you can miss great events in real live or get easily distracted. Sometimes I see people reading a book or watching a movie and checking the phone every 10 seconds and I think that they can't enjoy one of those things. As a slave it is even more important to think about the time, because a slave usually has less free time. Normally my Master allows me free use of social media as long as I do all my tasks and always put him first. Most evenings I do some chores, then I ask him if I am allowed to use my phone which my Master usually grants. Of course there are also some days where my Master puts my phone away and I even had weeks were he limited my screen time so I could hardly use my phone and social media.

Prioritization: My Master and my chores always come first.  During high protocol and trainings it is totally clear that my phone is always in flightmode. I also make prioritization on social media. First come family and friends, then I always answer to Doms and then I answer to submissives. I hate it when I have to keep a Master waiting for an answer, but on the other hand it never bothers me If I have to wait for an answer of a Dom, it is just the way I see it.

Use of different channels: Especially on twitter people ask me sometimes If they could contact with me via other channels which would more convenient etc. I always decline that because I don't mix the channels I communicate with. So if I am talking to a Dom or sub on twitter I only would change to another channel AFTER we have met at least once in person.

Privacy: One exchanges a lot of thoughts, ideas and pictures via social media. In every relationship that needs trust, also in a BDSM relationship. My Master gives me privacy and trusts me. He does not control to whom I am a talking and he does not check message before I send them. But he has access to my twitter account and can see what I like, comment and what I write. He does not read everything I write automatically but he sometimes does and he is interested to whom I am talking. For example he checks if I address other Doms correctly and show them respect etc. I often sometimes ask him if I am allowed to contact a certain Dom or sub and if I am allowed to tell them a certain aspect of our live, which he usually grants. You might be suprised, but he does in no way limit may contact to other Doms, because he likes when I exchange thoughts and his slave interacts accordingly with other Doms. I think he also enjoys to be informed abouth my BDSM thoughts when I talk to other people on twitter and when it brings a new idea that we could try.

Social media has for me defenitly more advantages than disadvantages, but the most important issue is to always stay authentic and don't let it consume your time.

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