Thursday, December 3, 2020

Our transition from "part time" to "full time" BDSM-relationship.

A nice Mistress asked me how it has been at the beginning of our relationship when we changed from part time to full time BDSM-relationship.

I can reflect a little bit from my slave perspective about that. First of all I think it might be different from other BDSM couples, because we started as Master and slave and only later become a couple. We both always wanted to live the BDSM lifestyle. Master was seeking for a slave and I was seeking for an owner. In the beginning I only served part time. That means I only served on the weekends, during holidays etc.

Of course we were in close contact even when I was not with my Master and over time Master gave me more and more rules and took more and more ownership of me. The big chance of course was when we moved together. That was pretty soon, because we both wanted to be closer to each other, see us everyday and see if it could work. It was also clear that I could only provide adequate service for my Master when we were living together. 

Like ever couple that moves together it is a big step! You have to rearange your whole living. Choosing a new flat or making space in the place of your partner. Deciding which things to keep and which not. Getting to know your partner in every mood all day around, spending all the meals together and see how it works out when you are in everyday life with work, family, friends etc. We also had to do this stuff and of course there were things we enjoyed from the first day and also some setbacks, like in every relationship. But we never regreted it! In some ways I think it has been easier because we are Master and slave. There has never been a discussion on who has to clean, to cook, do the dishes, get rid of the garbage etc. This was set in stone. But of course living BDSM 24/7 can have its challanges. And here was and is my Master a great person, because he is totally realistic what is possible and what not. Like for every relationship it helped that we talked a lot about things that worked and things that were complicated. And so Master adjustes some rules for me since we are living together. Some rules he had to make softer but some he could even make stricter than expected.

Of course it took some time getting adjust to never sitting on the couch again and eating all my meals from the floor from a dog bowl. It was not something my Master had to force me to do to. I love it to do those things for my Master. But of course it was something that took time to adjust. Now it even feels strange when I am sitting on the couch when he are having vanillas over or when eating from a plate. 

To sum up: It took time to adjust when we changed from part time to full time BDSM-relationship. Communication was the key element and adjusting the expectations to reality. But so far it worked out great and for us it is possible to live as Master and slave and I would not have it any other way!

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