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How to find your (natural) Master for the BDSM Lifestyle.

I receive from time to time from slaves the question "What advice can you give me to find my Master?". After I wrote an article about "how to find a slave" I will now share my thoughts about "how to find a Master". Of course there are some similarities. First of all I will start with the same words and sentences I used for the other article with the exception that I will switch "slave" with "master" and vica versa:

First of all stop searching for "your" Master. You will always have a biased view of how this Master should be and the risk that you will miss him because of your biased view.
I know this is easy to say but try to enjoy your time as a slave without a Master.
Meet Superiors with no ulterior motives and no preconceptions, try stuff you are interested and learn more about serving the different kind of Masters.
These experiences will help you to find yourself, what you are, what you want to be and you will become a better slave and slave with good manners you will impress natural Masters more then a "newbie". Furthermore a slave has to have some experiences in serving otherwise (I personally) find it really unrealistic that a slave wants to have a BDSM relationship. It is like sports: You first try the stuff. If you like it you begin small. If you still enjoy and want to go deeper you build up your skills. After that you are widening your possibilities and become perhaps a pro! The same for BDSM. You start small and make your way. Of course it can be a desire/dream to live the BDSM lifestyle which lives inside you, but first you have to start small and perhaps it will enforce your desire to the BDSM lifestyle or perhaps you see that your fantasy does not fit to the reality.

And now of course the question: "How to find a Master".
A good way of finding Masters are of course BDSM-social-media platforms like recon. But of course you have to invest time and effort in it. Maintain your profile with a good (short to medium) text which attracts the attention of the Master and good photos! You don't have to be a profesional photographer for good fotos and I am not talking about dick pics! As mentioned in other blogposts going into a BDSM relationship is a process (here my story)! Do not mention it in your profile that you are "searching 24/7 BDSM relationship". That can scare off a Master who perhaps also has to evolve. Not only slaves also Masters have to evolve and learn. Start small and expand your experiences together with the Master! If you found a Master you want to serve, show him discretly that you are interessted in serving him regulary and then look where it is going.

Another posibility is to meet people from the BDSM-community by attending to BDSM events.
Going to an BDSM party does not mean that you have to serve someone immediately. Perhaps you see a Master which impresses you and you find the courage to start a "normal" conversation with him which will lead to a "private session" after knowing him better and seeing that the chemistry is right. I know, normaly at such parties the intension is to find a "fuck-body".... But you have to find the (row)diamonds.
And of course also there: Do not start the conversation with something like "I search a 24/7 Master"...
Being a Master or slave means there are also other topics than BDSM!

If you found a Master who you meet here and there it can be that he perhaps will invite some of his Master friends and perhaps one of his friends turns out to be your counterpart. That was the way how we found each other!

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