Thursday, January 30, 2020

Why the cage is one of my favorite places as a slave

I love my cage! I love to be locked in it, doing something, sleeping, waiting for my Master. I have always been a fan of cages and some years ago my Master purchased one that was especially designed following his wishes for slave keeping.
Being in my cage is not a punishment for me. Don't get me wrong, my Master can easily turn it into a punishment at any time.  He can bind me to the bars, putting my head into a special ring so I can't move it one inch. But for me it is kind of a natural place for me as a slave, where I feel totally safe and where I have the feeling I belong here.

My cage is so big that I can easily spend hours inside it and sometimes even sleep in it. But I have to be always on the floor or on all fours, so I'm always kept in a nice slave position. My cage also has an opening in the front. My Master can put dog bowls and other things through it so that he can feed me while I'm in the cage. The metal bars are so strong that they keep me in the cage. But at the same time  my Master can reach from every side into the cage and has full access to my body at any time. There is no place to hide from him inside the cage. Also he can put his boots, his dick, his feet through the bars, so that I can take care of them, which is just great!
Sometimes when my Master has vanilla friends over I'm locked inside the cage in another room and I have to be silent and wait there till my Master comes to me. Also when he receives visits from other Masters or slaves I'm also sometimes locked away when not needed so that the Masters can enjoy a private conversation. Imaging being a Master visiting my Master and after half an hour of talking he shows you his slave in the cage waiting to be useful. Most Masters enjoy this view of a naked slave in a cage.
And also when my Master has another slave over he always has the possibility to lock one into the cage while he plays with the other one. And sometimes he even locks two slaves into my cage which I find very hot.
Also the cage is a place where I have to perform orders my Master has given me, like I'm now writing this blog entry. So if you can afford it: Buy a cage to keep your slave in!

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Anonymous said...

is there a way to get out of the cage in case of emergency if your master isn't around?

Master D. said...

Hi Anonymous,
first of all: Safety first!
My slave is always safe and he has not to fear about his health! This is priority one especially when he is in his cage. But he is not able to get out on his own.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am really new to the whole D/S relationship. I am a sub. I would like to be a your submissive if time allows for the same.