Thursday, September 3, 2020

Anal penetration on slaves

I use my slave for various chores and tasks. Living the BDSM lifestyle is more then fucking a slave. It is for some - or perhaps only for a few - of us a attitude to life. The aesthetic of the slavebody while taking the ordered/trained pose. Getting served a drink or receiving the full trust of the slave when playing with his slavebody for my pleasure. The slavebody - this brings me to my topic of today: Anal penetration on slaves.

One of the most intimate regions of the human body is the anal region. Therefore it is an intense sign of ownership when you penetrate slave's hole and a good reminder for the slave to whom his slavebody belongs, as well as his position towards his Master. So by pluging my slave and let him do his chores I show him to whom his slavebody belongs and with every movement he makes he keeps being reminded of his position. Pluging my slave is one way of showing my dominance. Another way is to tie him up and let him be at my mercy while penetrating him. Where he is not able to change his position and having no other posibility as to endure his situation. This is pure devotion. To penetrate a slave means to show your power over him, and of course receiving his trust!
Of course there is also the posibility to fuck the slave. Entering into the body of the slave while he is tied up is for me personal an absolut sign of hierachy. The slave feels the Mastercock inside his body which does not longer belong to him and has to endure for his Master. Not able to do anything about it.
Therefore it would be unimaginable for me that a slave fucks a (natural) Master. In my personal  BDSM view it would brake the integrety of a Master. If I would allow a slave to fuck someone it would be at most another slave, which stands hierarchically below him. But to be honest I see no point why a slave should fuck someone. Nevermind, for me it is about the meaning behind penetrating a slave and less about "sex".

But there is one more thing: As you know I keep my slave chaste. Therefore he can no longer focus on his own sexuality. The focus moved to mine. When keeping a slave chaste and pluging him his prostate gets stimulated. Therefore he can receive lust through anal stimulation but the orgasm stays denied to him. Especially after some days/weeks of chastity this can have am impact for the slave but perhaps my slave will one day write an article about it.
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