Thursday, September 10, 2020

A thank you to the Doms on twitter!

Some weeks ago I thanked the slaves and subs who are on twitter, who share their story and who are in contact with me. I explained why it is important for me to be in contact with other slaves. 
But of course I am also very thankful to the Doms on twitter and so I want to dedicate this post to you Sirs!
As a natural submissive I was always shy to approach Doms, because I think they are so much above me in the natural hierarchy that I should not disturb them by contacting them. This has not changed since I am owned. It is still very rare that I contact Doms on twitter. On the one hand of course because I am an owned slave, but I still think of myself as a natural submissive who should not disturb natural Alphas. I follow a lot of Doms on twitter and I am thankful for the stories, picture and thoughts they share! 
Of course there are type of Doms I can't understand and can't take seriously like the straight 18 year old cashmaster from around the corner. I am talking about real Doms who are also sharing their BDSM life and natural dominance. Doms of all places of the worlds, of all ages etc. I really love to read the thoughts of other Doms how they see us submissives, what they love and hate about us. Of course I will never understand a Dom as a natural submissive but reading their opinions and ideas about BDSM helps me also to develop. Of course I don't do this secretly, but I talk with my Master about different aspects I find intriguing or some things I can't understand as a slave. And sometimes of course we get a new idea for a training or punishment ;-)
So I just wanted to thank all of you Sirs who share their stories, thoughts and ideas and be assured even when I am an owned slave I deeply respect other natural Doms! My Master knows that and he would not have it any other way. And I am trained to always be honest to a Dom. So if I like a picture of yours or I make a comment I really mean it that way! So thank you for teaching me and other subs!

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