Thursday, July 23, 2020

How I learnt to love the cage around my slavedick

From the very first moment I have met my Master he made it totally clear that he would be in absolute control of my sexuality. Of every aspect of it. When I would get fucked, when and whom I would suck, if I would fuck and when I would receive an orgasm. Pretty early in our realtionship he made it also clear that he would limit my orgasms and that I would have to earn them by being a good slave. This is how it has been for years now. I was chaste only because I was orderded to keep my hands of my dick. And be surprised or not, that was not hard for me. And my Master knew he could trust me. But he also wanted to lock my dick away at the same moment. Not because he did not trust me but because all of the things that come with a locked dick, because of it's meaning. A locked dick shows clearly the status of a slave.
It is a symbol of power and especially in comparison to the free Mastercock. So he tried different devices over the years. Some made of metal, some made of plastic. But they did not work. Some where to big, some to small, some cause unbearable pain etc. I could not wear them long without problems. But my Master did not give up and finally he found a metal cage that fits perfectly and which I can wear without a problem for a long time. Then it started that he let me wear the cage longer and longer. While we were on a trip, at home, over the weekend, during the week etc. At first I hated it, it was an inconvenience. I thought everybody would see that I was locked, I hated it that I could not use the toilet the way I used it before etc. Over time, slowly and slowly I started to acceppt it and then even later I started to love it. There are many reasons for it know. I am proud that my Master locks me. I love it when he looks at my naked body and enjoys the view of my locked dick. I really love it to be on all fours and the weight of the cage is tearing my balls down and so my Master has a better view and grip of them. And believe me: It is an intense feeling when you suck and lick the free Mastercock while your own cock tries to get hard and presses against the metal. The same applies when you are fucked by a free man and your own dick is locked between your legs. There are few things that show your status as slave more. I feel the cage during the day and I see it sometimes. So I am reminded of my beloved Master. When it gets off I miss something, I miss the weight and the feeling of slavery. Normally he only takes the cage of to tease and torture my dick and then he locks it again till the next time he wants to play with my dick. I sometimes look at the bulgs between the legs off other men and I wonder if there is a free dick behind it or just another locked slavedick like mine?

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Anonymous said...

When was the last time you fucked someone?

xcedrine said...

Hello, if I may ask, what kind of cage did you and your Master finally find that works? my Wife/Mistress has tried a few on me and I have run into the same problems of them being too tight or not wearable for a long time. Thank you.

Soldier and more said...

I am very much with you. I am locked know for about 300 days and I hated it in the beginning but as you I love it know. Even so I am not even recognising it during the day or the night, but when I suck a MAN or get fucked by one and ym dick wants to get hard - it cant and it remembers me what I am: a slave. The same with the toilette - MEN can pee standing, we slaves need to sit. I t just a reminder once in a while and it is very helpful.

Master D. said...

Hi slave (xcedrine),
it was a long way to find the right cage. After some tries I finaly found a simple steelcage which fitted - see the picture in this blogpost.
Perhaps a customized steelcage like the jailbird could help, slave - (link) but be aware how to measure: link
But keep in mind to do small steps after finding the right cage: Your slavebody has to get used of it: First wearing a cage for some hours. Then moving to wear it daytimes. After that perhaps one time over night. Then wearing it some days with breaks and finaly wearing it long time.

xcedrine said...

Thank you very much, for the information on the cages.