Thursday, July 16, 2020

Serving with a guest slave over the weekend

Last weekend a guest slave was invited by my Master to serve him for the weekend.
Because of the circumstances it was the first meeting of that kind in months. Most of the time we stayed indoors. But even without what is going on nowadays we would have stayed most of the time indoors, because my Master loves to dominate two slaves at the same moment and seems to enjoy every moment of it.
I knew which slave was coming and was ordered to prepare the apartment and other things. But Master did not give me any details what would happen.
I really loved to serve together with this slave and I was looking very much forward to it! I have known this slave as a friend for more than ten years. He has been there when I started to meet my Master, when we started a relationship and when we moved together. He is one of our few friends who is totally aware of our relationship in all its details and sometimes he asks if he can be a part of that for some days. Like this weekend.
My Master is great in using two slaves at the same moment. I have seen it before with other Masters who invited two or even more slaves and had then problems to find tasks for them and to play with them. But not my Master. He really enjoys getting served by a slave and when there are two even better for him. He locked the dick off me and of the other slave weeks before the meeting and kept them locked away most of the time. He would only take the cage of to edge us and he ordered the guest slave to lick and suck my dick sometimes to please and to tease me.
As you already know my Master really enjoys when he receives excellent service by slaves. And so he ordered me and the guest slave to prepare and serve a 3 course meal every evening and serve it in the servant-protocol. I have to admit I really enjoyed those evenings and they looked like from a porno fantasy. The dining room prepared nicely with candles, two slaves with collars, cuffs, locked dicks and apart from that totally naked working hard the whole evening to please the Master. The guest slave was ordered to cook, because he is one of the best cooks I know. So most of the time he was in the kitchen, preparing and cooking. He could ask me for help of course, but he managed to do almost all of it on his own, so I could make myself useful directly at the feet or cook of my Master. I really enjoyed this! Normally when I prepare the servant dinner. I have to cook and my Master has to wait. But now my Master always could enjoy one slave working in the kitchen for him and one slave licking his feet, nipples, cock etc. Or he could play with me while the other slave was cooking.

My Master stated that I was the alpha slave and I should teach the other one. When he made a mistake, I received punishments too which I found very just. I was really impressed by the performance of the guest slave! The servant protocol has many rules which I had to learn over years for the perfect evening. But you could really see how the guest slave improved during those three evenings. I mean his back and ass were still red from the crop because of minor mistakes but he not only managed to remember the rules and followed them but also showed his true submission the whole evening. Which is something other slaves find hard - to stay humble for such a long time.
After those dinners it was my tasks to clean the dinning room, the kitchen and to do the dishes while the guest slave took care of my Master's needs. I really enjoyed the view of the guest slave kneeling in front of my Master and taking care of his Mastercock while my Master was leaning back with his closed eyes and truly enjoying the situation. The guest slave is by all means a hot stud and to see this hot stud kneeling in front of my Master was a very nice picture to watch!
Especially in the morning and evening we both were often kneeling in front of my Master. Once slave licking one foot, or one slave serving as a footrest and the other licking the Masterfeet. Both our cooks where locked away and so we where horny as hell and totally focused on the Mastercock. My Master really enjoyed it to have to slaves at his cock. One time I was licking the balls, and the other slave was sucking the dick, then we both where at the balls and then we both where at the cock.
My Master was very creative - he had invented and programmed a small game which we had to play. A game where the slaves had to answer questions, endure punishments or perform tasks. We played several rounds of the game which was actually quite fun, although it was hard for our bodies. We had to serve as ponies, plug ourselves, take clamps on our nipples and balls etc.

Now I am chained next to the guest slave and we are both ordered to reflect about the weekend.
I really love that the guest slave is not only a great slave but also an intelligent and trustworthy friend. Because of our good performances Master once unlocked my dick and put us both into the cage and allowed me to use the guest slave in any way I wanted for the next 45 minutes. I had many options and I decided to use the slave orally. I talked with him for 45 minutes which was just great.
And that is why I love having guest slaves at our place that are not only slaves but also friends.

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Hi slave, do you think you need to improve some slave skills (like cooking, cleaning, obedience or anything else) or are you at your best?