Thursday, June 11, 2020

The importance of rules and routines in a BDSM-relationship

I think every relationship has some kind of routine in it and so has our BDSM-relationship. But I think it is more important to have routines in a BDSM-relationship to keep it from turning vanilla like some people experience it.
I am talking about routines in a positive way and not in negative one. Of course a couple can be stuck in a boring routine. But I am talking about a BDSM-routine which is accompanied by a set of rules that helps us integrate BDSM  in our everyday life and is not questioned.
Over the years my Master has determined some of those routines, I have suggested some and some routines became routines over the time. I want to give you two examples of everyday life routines.

Morning routine:
Whenever it is possible during the weekday, on a weekend at home and on a trip etc. my Master receives his Mastercoffee. I get up, prepare his coffee and I kneel down in front of the couch and wait till he comes. He drinks his coffee, reads the newspaper while I suck his dick, lick his balls and feet and do everything to give him a good start in the day. I love this morning routine so much and I think it is great that we even perform it while we are in hotels and every day possible so not only at the weekend. Only after he had his coffee I usually get to have breakfast. It ist the best start in the day possible and I think it really intensifies my existence as slave of my Master to go through this morning routine whenever possible.

Coming home routine:
Coming home from work, from shopping, from friends, from a trip etc... You might be with your thoughts at a lot of different topics your mood be different etc. This is why my Master has created the coming home routine. Every time I come home, no matter how long I have been away the first thing I have to do is to strip naked, put on my slavenecklace, my cuffs and kneel down in front of the couch. Here I have to wait till my Master approaches me and he usually lets me lick his feet, sometimes his dick, plays with my nipples etc. Only after this routine I receive further orders or I can request to do things on my own. It is such an easy way to help me get from every day life as quickly as possible to be the naked humble slave of my Master. And again this routine applies everywhere and everytime possible. So of course even in a luxury hotel or the moment when vanilla friends have left our flat. As soon as we are alone I strip naked, kneel down and wait for orders.

Of course there can be many different kind of routines you could integrate in your BDSM-relationship. For example a routine to start every weekend, or a routine you do every Sunday evening. Try some things and talk to each other what is possible, what you both need for the relationship. I hope you will also notice that routines while help you not only to keep your BDSM-relationship but also to deepen it over time. If you find the time and pleasure in it I strongly recommend daily routines which I enjoy very much, because this way I can be what I love most: The slave of my Master.

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socialslave said...

Thank you for your post.
It is the 2nd thing I've read this morning. Eyes are still blurry and coffee just starting to work its magic on this old slave. Yet these words helped me focus. Slave will print them up and post to the wall over my electronic alter, the computer.
The slave of my Master. The phrase sparks joy and hope to replace the weariness of a cloudy morning.
I have learned the truth of this. I always feel the fulfillment of submitting to my Master.
Routines are excellent pathways with guard rails for our minds to settle back into focus. They reduce the trivialities that can blur our vision. They reduce the stress of the unknown and give us a security of our true selves.
The slave of my Master! My strength and my goal in life. Again Thank You for putting it so well and allowing this slave to refocus to its meaning in life.

Anonymous said...

Is your master/slave relationship the same when you go together on vacation? Is your slave always so obedient? I find that very hot! Thanks for allowing again anonymous comment.

Master D. said...

Hi Anonymous,
the standard protocol occurs always - therefore also on vacation - yes. Also there he is obedient. This is a part of his being. It is absolutely natural to him.