Thursday, March 12, 2020

What it is like to love a slave

What is it like to dominate the slave you love? It is an intensive gesture of love, trust and devotion. For me personaly it makes it more intense when love (or for guestslaves: affection) is involved. This is another dimension of domination. A more intense form of BDSM. Do not get me wrong: I also really enjoy having an object (as slave)! Ordering a lickslave to my hotel room and get my feet licked for hours. But here is the difference: When dominating someone longer than one day or longer than 4-6 hours the slave will loose the characteristic of an "object" for me. You use an object but you will not take "special" care of the needs (eat, drink, piss). So the interaction with an "object" is very limited and therefore no or very less affection is needed. With the rising of interactions I want "feedback", I want a dynamic which requires at least affection. Or in other words: When I order an guestslave (as object) to serve me I will not build a bond or train him.

We are all humans and therefore we can or should not suppress our "inner social psychology". It is normal that you build some kind of relationship (superficial or a deeper bond) with your slave when he serves you on a regular base. Some Masters need to have a superficial relationship to their slaves because they are not able to dominate a "friend" - they need that distance - but these are normally the Masters who are not searching the BDSM lifestyle.

In my case having a deeper bond makes it special to dominate a slave. Understand their mindset and train them to become a good slave requires trust and trust comes with a bond. The deeper the bond and therefore the trust: the more secure a slave is to go the path of submission. With the security comes acceptance for what they are. Slaves who have the inner need to serve will proceed that path. Especialy when they feel accepted and understand, they want to explore their need to serve.

And now to the love: It is the most wounderful feeling to train your slave which you love! When you train him and you see in his face that he is going the way to make you proud! To show that he loves to be your slave and wants to serve! That his submission is a sign of love for him. To see your well trained slave, kneeling in front of the couch with your Master coffee while seeing him smiling and eager awaiting to serve you! Smiling because he loves to serve his Master and that makes him happy. It is a symbiosis, remember that. I give him a strong hand that guides and trains him as he seeks for and in return receives trust and devotion which I seek for. Mixed with love it makes it more intense!

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SneaksnBoots said...

I am in full agreement.
Friendship or affection are no reason to leave a slave unused and deprive him of his primary purpose: to serve and to devote his existence to superior men.

Slave M. said...

Thank you Sir! Very well said!