Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Different Slave-Subtypes: The Dog Slave (5/8)

The dog slave wants to be reduced to an animal. But why a dog?
Dogs are known as loyal, friendly, honest, playful and you can train them. Most of these aspect are basic BDSM aspects which are important in the BDSM lifestyle. I described the correlation/similarity between owner and their animals with the BDSM Lifestyle in this post.

To be chained or caged like a dog shows clearly who is in charge. At the beginning I did not like the idea of pet-slaves. Because I thought they are "playing" a role. I thought they act and want to think that they are animals. This was unauthentic for me. authenticity is for me EXTREM important! But this is not the concept of it. It is the reduction to be held as an animal! The showing of the hierarchy and the domination. That they are ordered to be that. They are still humans but reduced to be an "animal". They know that they are humans, they know they are reduced to be a dog.

Since the beginning of BDSM life I had a lot of these aspect in my way how i treat slaves: My slaves are not allowed on couches/chairs. They have to be on the floor! They eat and drink from bowls and they have to learn special commands. When you add now the order that the slave has to be on all four and you forbid the slave to talk you have a dog slave!

When I understand that I knew that since I had my first slave, i had that in me! And that this is a "natural" way to show the slave his position.

If you have any question or comments about dog slaves let me know in the comment below.

Here you find the overview of all sub-types of slaves.


peter said...

Thank You Sir for Your enlightening article. The first time it submitted to being Owners dog it felt like coming home. Especially the fitting of the mittens and the long term caging was what this slave needed to feel happy and taken care off. Interesting was the total ban on verbal communication. No talking and not talked to. Only hand commands. Just pulls on the leash and the whip on its ass. The total absence of sex. Just like a real dog. No responsibility. Nothing. Just licking Owners boots. Sometimes with doubled and taped arms and legs. But always with mittens hands, tail and collar.It lasted 8 months. It was so happy.

Master D. said...

True! It is a clear sign of domination to own a dogslave and to train his property! I also use hand commands for my slave! It is a proper way of givin order to a (dog-)slave.
If someone feels the need to be dominated or to dominate and loves it he should go that path! We are who we are.