Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Different Slave-Subtypes: The Submissive Slave (2/8)

Every slave has a submissive part in him! Otherwise he would not search for someone who dominates him. It is more the question how submissive a slave is. The more submissive a slave is the more rule and order-consisten he is. The submissive slave want to fulfill his given task properly and in a good quality. It makes him happy to make his Master happy. A natural slave is highly submissive! This correlates and is necessary, otherwise he would be a session slave. This trait of being submissive is the key element for any slave who wants to live the BDSM lifestyle. To serve a real master has to give you (the slave) joy and it should make you happy! This is only possible if you are highly (and naturally) submissive.

Also vice versa: The Master has to be natural dominant. But more about the topic of a real/natural Masters you find in this blog entry of my slave.

Furthermore I believe you have to be born this way. You have to have these trait in you and the desire to live them. You can not turn a rock into a diamond! You have first to find a rough diamond and work with it to reveal the full potential and quality!

The submissive slave is highly obedient because his goal is to make his master happy. That makes him happy. Under no circumstances a real submissive slave wants to upset or disappoint his Master.

Submissive slaves wants to show there affection and love for there Master through devotion. So I have the theory that real natural, submissive slaves are serving more intense and passionate if they have a strong emotional binding to there Masters.

If you (the Master) want to put/"force" someone in the position position of a slave and want a slave who also resist a little bit you need a slave who is less submissive. So you need a session slave.

If you have any question or comments about the submissive slaves let me know in the comment below.

Here you find the overview of all sub-types of slaves.

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