Thursday, February 7, 2019

When my Master is on business trips

Once in a while my Master has to go on business trips. Being physically separated from my Master is
always hard for me as a slave. Normally as a slave I would love to accompany my Master on his business trips and serve him there, but for different reasons that is only possible in a few cases.
So when my Master leaves for business trips he informs me about his trips, so I can prepare everything for him. I pack his luggage according to the length of the stay, the reason for the business trip (appropriate clothing) and the weather that is forecasted on the location.

This is just the basic packing. Additionally he tells me when there are special things he would need on his trips. For example, presents for a business partner etc. and I purchase them. Sometimes I also have to pack toys, when he intends to meet a sub on a trip.

During the trip it is hard for me to be separated from my Master because I love to be near him and I would want to serve him on his trip, in the hotel room etc. While I'm alone he always sets a variety of tasks that keep me trained as a slave and keep me occupied: For example special sports training, polishing all glasses in the kitchen etc.
But of course I get my fare share of "free" time. For instance I'm allowed to watch my favorite movies, of which he is not a fan of.
During his absence of course I'm still as a slave at home: Being naked, eating out of dog bowls, etc. The rules stay the same.
After his return I'm happy like a dog that hasn't seen his owner for ages and I'm as excited about it! Normally my Master orders me to prepare the flat in a special way, cook a special dinner and provide his favorite drinks. After he has had his dinner and he has used me - I'm allowed to unpack his luggage and clean everything so it will be ready for his next business trip.

Are there any special tasks you have to fulfill when you and your Master are separated?

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