Saturday, June 19, 2021

Slave luxuries

As I am now permanently chaste I can't work for orgasms anymore. So Master adapted the system of my bonus points where I can still collect bonus points. But instead of getting an orgasm for them I can now trade them for slave luxuries. Master has decided that some things in my life are non essential slave luxuries for which I have to work. Things that are totally normal for my Master or any other free man but not for me.

Those are things like: wearing underwear, sleeping in bed, unlimited screen time on my phone or drinking coffee. I can still collect bonus points and at the end of the month I can trade them for luxuries in the next month. I made a mistake last month and so I am now at a status where I have to ask my Master for every single coffee I drink and he tells me how much it would cost and then I can decide if I drink. This is of course quite different than the life of a free male. I simply can't drink coffee, I have to ask for it and my Master most of the time grants it. 

It is a further step in my submission in accepting that some things are just luxuries for me as a slave and that I have to work for them, ask for them and get them granted when I have been a good slave or simply have them denied just because I am the slave of my Master.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that a morning ritual that all of us enjoy, you would be denied. So what must you do in order to accumulate enough points to be allowed coffee on a semi-regular basis? Just thinking if your Master were to take this to another level, other slave non-essentials might include warm showers, using his damp towel two dry off after your shower, having use of the toilet seat vrs. sitting on the old porcelain, among others.