About Master D. & BDSM as lifestyle

BDSM is for me a way to live, a lifestyle which is in me. It means I am at all time a Master. That I am in full control of the slave(s) and my needs come first. That I have the last word and that I train the slave for my needs and desire. It does not mean that I do not respect slaves or treat them like garbage! A slave is a human being with emotion and needs too. More about this in some upcoming posts, because some session slave like to be treated like there are nothing worth. So there is a different between the lifestyle and a session.

Therefore I have to distinguish that the way to dominate a slave which comes for some hours/days (a session slave) and a permanent slaves (natural slave) which perhaps lives with his Master are two different things! And so some methods/tools are useful for session slaves but can not be used or have to be used in a different way for natural slaves (who lives it 24/7). Other methods/tools are useful for natural slaves but not or in a different way for session slaves and some methods/tools can be used for both. I will write more about this topic in this blog.

Furthermore I have a special perception about BDSM. BDSM has primarily, secondarily and tertiary nothing to do with sex. BDSM ≠ Sex! It can be a part of it! I prefer to focus on the essential part of BDSM: Domination, Submission, Humility and of course: Trust!
In my point of view a good Master has not to be an "asshole". He do not has to scream. He has to have a natural domination, to be consequent, to know what he wants and of course a good Master has style! Also more about this in some upcoming posts.

To be an Master means for me to be demanding, to bring my needs in the fore and to enjoy the natural hierarchy between Masters and Slaves in all facets! As well as the slaves has the need to enjoy serving and subjugate to a Master. With serving I do not mean sex! A slave can serve in several ways! As you mentioned: More about this in some upcoming posts.

I hope you will enjoy the Blog! Stay tuned, every Friday at the latest you will find a new post.
Master D.

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