Thursday, November 30, 2023

What happens when the slave is not in the "head space"?

One of our followers on Telegram asked us recently what happens if the slave was not in the submissive head space. First all of this happens very rarely. I consider myself as a natural born slave and my Master as a natural born Superior, so I am not in certain head spaces - I am just living my submissive live. Serving my Master is natural to me. But of course there are times when serving is harder, because of hard weeks at work, private problems, health reasons etc. In those cases Master expects absolute honesty. So he expects me to tell Him when one of the reasons make it harder for me to serve. Usually Sir then adjusts my serving schedule accordingly. But of course there are days when none of the above reasons apply. Just recently I had an intense day at work and came home pretty late. Master texted me that He would put out the gimp outfit for me. I was just completly tired and just wanted to go to bed. But honestly none of the above reasons for not serving applied. I was healthy, I had no private problems and yes I was tired but not too tired to be a gimp. So I pushed myself through to still serve as ordered. Of course Master sensed it that I was not in the same submissive head space as normal, He is very good in "reading" those things, but Sir pushed through anyway, cause I hadn't said anything. So I still served
this evening and did everything to be a good servant. But of course we both noticed that I wasn't serving as good as on a regular evening. The next day I apologized to my Master that I didn't serve Him in the high quality as normal. Honestly I think Master sometimes enjoys it when He senses it that I am not in the mood for serving but still pushing through cause I have no other chance and consider myself as slave. Luckily those moments are quite rare and normally the submissive head space is just my regular headspace.

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