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What I understand with financial domination

I have to be honest. It is a delicate topic but I want to give it a try - also because you wanted an article about my thoughts about Findom or my thoughts about the fincancially aspect in the BDSM Lifestyle:
I understand with financial domination (findom) something else then the most people. Perhaps I should call it differently in my opinion like "economical domination"? Furtheremore there is a huge crux with financial domination which occurs with domination/ownership and exploitation!
How can you dominate or own a slave financialy without "exploiting" the slave. Perhaps I should call it: How can you dominate a slave financially in an ethical way?
Therefore this is a perfect topic for a blogpost.

First of all I have to mention that in my early ideas of living the BDSM lifestyle the topic "finance" was already a serious and delicate topic. How can financial domination look like, without exploiting a slave. If you fully submit to a Master and live a true slave life, finance is also a part of it. In BDSM social media "findom" is - in my opion - mostly about draining a slave and that is not my personal understanding of financial domination. It is not about enrichment and should never be, especialy when living the BDSM lifestyle. Taking advantage in this area would destroy trust, honesty and credibility of a good working D/s relationship.

Do not get me wrong, of course it can be a part of ordering a slave to pay for something to show the slave his position in the hierarchie and that you own it in every aspect of its slavelife but it should NEVER be because you "want something". That is absolut the wrong motiv in my opinion.

Nevertheless economical dominance means for me that you manage and decide about the financials of the slave. Perhaps implement some rules about what the slave is allowed to buy and what not. Where it has to ask and where not. For me it means also to take care of a slave and show who rules over it. But more about rules below...

In my opinion the only "healthy" and responsible way to implement economical dominance would look like this:
First of all with the money the slaves earns it has to pay all its bills and shares on expenses - as example its part of the rent. When everything is payed most of the money which is left should go to a saving account which - on the paper and therefore legaly - still belongs to the slave but for the saving account only the Master has access. The Master manages therefore the finances of the slave and of course takes care of! The remaining money would be for daily life and perhaps for "financial servitute"/tributes.

I am sure you are now asking what I mean with the term "financial servitute": I find it much more appealing and honest when a slave WANTS to serve fincancialy and not because a slave had to serve. So with the rest of the money the slave can decide on its own if and how much it wants to serve a Master financialy or if it will go to the slaves savings if not used.

So what do I mean rules? This can be layed out very deferently of course. As excample you could implement rules like: Everything the slaves want for himself has to be approved by the Master - excluded to this rule would be food, drinks, clothes or care products. Affected would be electronics, books for private use and so on.
This would shows that you decide about the expenses of your slave and that you are in charge of the finances without exploiting it.

So economical domination means for me that you mangage and lay out rules and structure about the financials of the slave. When done correctly you will do it without destroying your integrity as a responsible Master or giving the impression you want to "enriche" yourself. Enrichment is not what BDSM stands for in my standpoint - thats exploitation.

You never know what the future brings and as a responsible Master you have to take care for your slave in a long shot!
What is about pension? What if the D/s relationship does not work anymore, or if something happens to you or your slave? These are all questions which have to be considered when you take over such a HUGE responsibility like economical domination. It is the responsibility of the Master to take care that the slave receives no financial or psychological damages from being dominated in that area!

Economical domination is really a huge step and shows extrem trust, respect and submission towards a Master. Be careful what you do with that trust.
To all slaves: If you go that path - be careful and be assured you have grown trust into the Master over many MANY years. Furthermore talk with your Master about the "safety net" if you do not see any! Do not switch off logic because of love or horniness!

In our case: My slave is financialy indipendent, but of course I have the right to give orders, rules or structures in that area

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