Friday, October 20, 2023

Happy Locktober!

As you know, I don't receive full orgasms any more and I am locked most of the time. So one could ask, what Locktober means to me? Well physically not that much changes. I am locked and I don't get to cum. Mentally I don't have the thought that I have to make it to the end of October to receive an orgasm, because I won't get any.

But still Locktober is very important to me. It is so great to hear all the different thoughts of Doms and subs on chastity, highlighting all the different aspects of it. Seeing each and every day on social media a ton of locked dicks of subs. Surprisingly more and more Doms are locking themselves up too! Being chaste seems to bring joy for many. It is great hearing how people are happy, when they got past another day, hearing the encouraging words of others when someone struggels. 

I feel so connected with all of you during these days. With the locked submissives and with the Doms that locked someone (even themselves!) up. It is like a big festival and it feels like being part of a big family. More and more I wander through the streets and ask myself if I can spot a cage somewhere. Maybe Locktober is one of the few Holidays we are celebrating together as a BDSM community. And this is something great! So I wish "Happy Locktober!" to all who celebrate.

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Gerry said...

Knowing that so many guys are locked in Loctober is also a great encouragement to those of us that are still struggling with chastity.