Thursday, October 5, 2023

Being in the dark about meetings

As you might have guessed: Master loves being in control and showing me that He is in control. One way He loves to show me that is by leaving me in darkness about meetings. Meetings with BDSM context to be precise. We share an online calender and I am ordered to keep it up to date always. So whenever I have to work late, there is an event or there is a vanilla meeting I have to write in the calender. So that Master knows which days and weekends are free for Him to plan. As soon as He has planned a BDSM meeting Sir marks the day in our shared calender as booked. So I know that I can't plan other events there. 

But of course I don't get the information what is going to happen. I only know something is going to happen. Master loves to keep me in the dark as long as possible. Sir only gives me the amount of information shortly before the meeting so that I can prepare.

This can be:

Will I have to pack, or will we stay at home?

Do I have to prepare a dinner and for how many people? Do I need to avoid certrain ingridients?

Do I have to prepare places to sleep for guests?

As you might have guessed I get the information as late as possible and in some vague way so I can't guess more things. For example: When I am ordered to prepare dinner I do not know if a Dom or sub will join us, or probably a Dom with a sub, cause Master tells me that between 1 to 2 people are coming and I should be prepared for all. So when Master plans a BDMS weekend I have no idea if we are traveling to another city, or if a sub is going to visit us, a Dom or a Dom with a sub. When the time comes Master literally loves to leave me in the dark. I usually get blindfolded, somethimes with noice cancelling earphones. Sometimes when I can feel a person touching my nipples I know that a Dom is here, or Master is taking away the blindfold and I see a slave kneeling in front of Sir already. Than I have to guess do I know this person alreday, or is it a new one? 

Those meetings are rare. It takes a long line of trust and sympathy from Master before Sir decides we met someone, so they are even more special. Sometimes when the blindfold gets of I think: "Fuck, it is the sadist!" or "Great another slave, we can both worship Master." And of course I always do my best while serving, what is my job and what I am trained for.

Just recently Master went even deeper into the dark. Sir strapped me down on the bench and allowed a Master to play with me. I was complety blindfolded and the Master did not say a word the whole evening through. So I have no idea who was here, and if I alredy know the person or not and I know nothing about this person. I only assume this person was a Man, but even there I can't be sure. This was next level keeping control about the D/s meetings.

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Anonymous said...

Impressive - also that you apparently can maintain the dynamics after all those years. Bravo.

skyerubberguy said...

As always, another fine article that highlights just how important surprise, creativity and constant reinforcement of the natural hierarchy, in all the little ways, are in order to develop and expand a healthy and lasting M/s dynamic. Master D and his slave lead us down beautiful paths that most of us can only dream of... an inspiration to all seeking the true M/s lifestyle.