Thursday, September 28, 2023

Serving Master D. for a Weekend (guest post)

It was a great and intense weekend of submitting and serving. I was introduced to the bdsm-lifestyle.

After a long ride I finally arrived at Master D.`s place. I had to get undressed, place ankle and wrist restraints with padlocks and was then welcomed by Master D. with a temporary slave chain collar. He also took my phone and valuables as I was not allowed to have them as long as He would allow it. I was surprisingly calm with that as I thought about that before how I would feel. But it showed my place even more and is an important aspect of power exchange in my opinion.

To underline who is in charge for the weekend I was put to a fucking machine and had to bear a 10 minute ride on a dildo bound to the table. I immediately understood.

His slave arrived later in the evening, not knowing I would be there. As we are in good contact and really like each other he was happily surprised and we immediately began thanking Master D. by licking His feet. From that moment on his slave was the alpha slave responsible for showing and teaching me things that were important in the house.

It was then time to spend the first of two nights on the floor. I was chained on the floor by the collar only leaving a minimum of movement possible and had to sleep there. That was really hard as I never did that before. During the night I really struggled and it was like I want to give up. But I didn't and when His slave came to me in the morning and began cuddling me it showed me that I did good and I was happy I made it.
He then explained me what Master D. expects for the morning ritual of serving coffee, serving His Mastercock while He reads the news and enjoys His coffee. I was also taught of how to serve drinks and glasses over the complete weekend, to be attentive if a glass is empty and ask Him to refill. Over the time my mindset got deeper into having a look what Master might need, to ask, to be polite. What was difficult at the beginning, got easier over the time.
There was always an atmosphere of respect towards Master but never tense. We could normally speak if allowed and even made a lot of jokes which also surprised me a bit and made me relax a lot. So being a slave doesn't mean it cant be chilled or easily integrated into life. That made me really happy.

After serving in the morning we went out. I had to keep the chain on and was not allowed to take my phone or valuables with me. That was an intense moment that again showed the power he had with just easy things. I loved that. Being under control, being within that power exchange means a lot to me. It is so important to keep slaves focused and in the right mindset for the hierarchy even if there is a relaxed athmosphere.

After returning Master D. activated the servant protocol. One of the most difficult protocols as both explained. It is a protocol that needs a lot of focus and attention. It first sounds easy as it means cooking, preparing table and so on, but it was much more difficult. Even the smallest thing like how the table is prepared, how to approach Master D. during this time follows a high protocol. The slave helped me to focus, what to do and I helped where I could.
I made some small mistakes but Master D. was kind and again explained things and both advised how to focus and to take care of Master`s need. It might be hard to imagine but it really made me happy to follow those advices, to train if I do it right and see the satisfied reaction if I did. For me it is really the most precious moment if this happens, it fulfills me and gives me purpose - especially in moments that challenges.

In the course of the evening the servant protocol was switched to furniture protocol. If you think servant protocol was hard, then you don't know this protocol. It sounds easy but it is definitely not. So Master D. wanted to enjoy a cigar and a nice rum with His two slaves around after the dinner. For that a gag with an ashtray was put into my mouth and I was told that a furniture (that I was now) doesn't move and is just an object. I was so horny (remember I was caged and had my last orgasm 3 weeks ago) and though had to fight hard. My knees already sore from the weekend and crawling at the floor all the time. So my knees really started to hurt but I fought hard against to break the furniture protocol. Master D. congratulated me after He changed His slave to be the ashtray holder after around half an hour. That was worth the fight to know I did good. As a thank you I was rewarded by serving his Mastercock.

The second night on the floor then was much easier. Probably I was really tired but I also managed to cope with being the slave on the floor. My mind was getting more into accepting my place, that made it somehow easier and I was really proud in the next morning waking up to know I am still the slave on the floor.

Before I left home in the next morning i was allowed to serve the coffee for Master D. and I did the complete morning ritual correctly. Really was proud that I could adapt rituals and protocol so good over the weekend. I was able to show what being a slave means to me and I could bring it into serving Master D. He confirmed to me that I am a real slave soul and he can feel that intensely. I was really proud.

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Gerry said...

Congratulations, slave. It must have been an honour and a privilege to serve Master D.

fs001 said...

Lucky you able to serve such an awesome Master!!!
i've been a fan of Him for years and i really admire both His natural Superiority and the way He lives as a Master, as if it was the most common and simple way of life. To serve Him must be a tough but amazing experience for a sub. One of a lifetime, i guess. Lucky you!!!