Monday, September 4, 2023

Why I switched to Telegram Channel

Next week we will post again regulary blogposts. I decided to release this blogpost one week before we dive into BDSM topics again. I decided to write the article about the reason I switched my main channel from Twitter to Telegram. One of the reason is how Twitter is acting lately. Changing functions without informing the users. Starting to restrict the views per days and than backing off without notification and so on. Furthermore it is good to have a backup channel in case they change the terms of use.
Of course I will stay on twitter as long as possible and tweet there but I will use my Telegram Channel as main channel now. Therefore I will post sometimes exclusive content there.

Why Telegram? Because it has all characteriscs which I like as a Master: The Channel is about me, I am in control of the channel and I am in control of the content.
Discussion and comments can be done in a linked and kind of separated space. Furthermore you can access my Telegram Channel for free and the people can remain anonymous - as long as they do not comment in the comment section.

Another alternative or the only alternative I see would be Mastodon. I started with Mastodon but I think the usability could have a deterrent effect to some people and sometimes it is really slow. Nevertheless in my opinion there are not really other alternatives with the user amount and the agreement to post my kind of content.

I excluded all "pay channels" like Onlyfans because I want that people can access the content for free. I share my lifestyle because it is my passion and because I am born as a Master. It is who I am. It is not a "job" or a "business" for me.  That would feel somehow wrong for me.
If a slave wants to tribute because he wants to serve and show respect torwards me as a Superior he can do that over my list but charging people for something in exchange would have the charactaristic of a "business" for me. That also means that I would feel obliged to regulary create content but I want to share content because in my real Master life happend something I want to share with the community. I do not want to create content because I have to. That would be somelike be posed and unauthentic for me and my lifestyle is authentical.

We will see what the future will bring for Twitter. But to stay in contact with the community and all the reason above I decided to use Telegram as my main channel now.

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