Thursday, March 25, 2021

"Mastercock" and "slavedick". How language affects a BDSM-relationship

We all know the power of language. A right word can ease up a tense situation. A wrong word can end a friendship. I have already expressed some thoughts about language in BDSM-context, for example how to address a Master and how to communicate right on social media. This time I want to focus on the use of words in our BDSM-relationship. Words matter a lot of course and we have clear rules. Like in many BDSM-relationships the words "Master" and "Sir" are quite important. My Master is by far not the only Master who punishes his slave when he does not address him correctly. I have to adress him as Master every time I wear my collar. If I don't wear my collar I CAN adresse him as Master, but there is no punishment if I don't do so. The rules are clear for my Master and me.

Language also shows a lot of hierarchy. Just recently Master has set up the new rule that I always have to refer to his cock as "Mastercock" and to my dick as "slavedick". I get punished if I forget that. It might sound strange to you, but just using those terms shows a lot of hiearchy and it "makes" something with me when I am only allowed to refer to my slavedick as slavedick. 

Using a special language can also be helpful if you have troubles getting into BDSM after you come home from a long day at work etc. If you want to use your sub as pet you can give him a special pet name, like the name of a dog. It might help you to see him as your pet and it might help him switch into the role of the pet and leave his normal personality aside. The same can be done when you want to have your slave as servant or object and you can come up with names for him as your servant or as your object. 

Just give it a try and see how it works for you and how you feel about it!

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socialslave said...

Very well put! Recently I wrote a piece where I described Master laying rules down about words.
Since every part of slave body is now His property, slave must refer to slave dick as such, since it is no longer “my dick”. To avoid confusion, every time slave mentions a body part that used to be his, slave must call it slave________. This might sound funny to some not in the scene. However it brings an important shift in slave mind and in time utter acceptance to reality that Master OWNS it.
Master said that training the mind is as important as training the body.
slave has already noticed that its thoughts are starting to change. It doesn't happen overnight, but once that mindset is established it is so very rewarding. Especially when slave even thinks of the most intimate body part it grew up with, it's first toy, and it's identity as a “MAN” is no longer his own. It belongs to Him!
What starts as a “head space” becomes reality and never questioned.