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non verbal domination

Non verbal domination is for me one of the highest and most intense forms of domination. It means that the Master dominates the slave without any spoken words. I want to reflect on how this can work and what it can mean. You can roughly categorize a few types.

The silent servant

Of course my Master orders me to do things. But he also loves it when I serve him without a direct order, because I notice that my Master wants or needs something. On Saturdays my Master enjoys a silent morning, where I am often collared and not allowed to talk while I am cleaning the flat. But I still make sure that my Master has everything he needs: gets his feet licked, always has something to drink etc. This often happens without any words. For example when I notice that the glass of my Master is nearly empty I take a bottle out of the fridge, kneel in front of him and look at him to see if he wants a refill. He often just nods, I refill and I go on with my choores. The silent servant is great because it has style, like having an attentive butler you don't even notice.

The well trained slave

Non verbal domination works best when you know each other for years and you have had many sessions together, or when you live as Master/slave-couple. Master has trained me over the years to follow his orders without having them spoken. For example he whistles, when he wants me to come to him, or he just pats softly on the floor when he wants me to sit down. This is often very close to be trained like an animal. I also have to know certain positions by a number. So if he holds two fingers up, he wants me in this position, if he holds five fingers up he wants me in another position and so on. This comes very handy at loud BDSM clubs or parties. Same with serving his Mastercock. He has trained me that I react to small pats on my head if he wants me to become faster, go deeper etc.

The animal

At a certain point Master wants me to follow his orders like a well trained animal. This can mean if he wants me to come he whistles etc. But this also works great with dog play or pony play. If he throws me a ball, he wants to fetch me, he can do so be his look and his gestures. It is even more intense when he uses me as pony. In this case I have to understand his orders when he only uses the crop, the reins or the clicking of his tongue. Of course I sometimes make mistakes and don't understand immediatly if he wants me to stop, go faster, go left or right etc. But then I feel the crop again and again till I understand what my Master wants from me. And when this moment is reached rider and animal become a unity.

 The object

Would you talk to a table? Of course not! The same does my Master when he uses me as an object. As footstool, as table etc. I have to be silent, not moving and just serving. He arranges me the way he wants me to, by puting and fixing me in a certain position. If he wants me to move, he does not tell me with words, he tells me with other methods. It is the same with the animal. It sometimes takes some time for me as his oject to understand what he wants, but when you reach this point it is great!

To sum up: Non verbal domination works best when you both know each other for a long time and you can try out certain things you want to teach your slave without words. And your slave gets to know to you better and better to understand what you want from him. Give it a try! You just might like it as much as I do!

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