Thursday, June 1, 2023

The joy of long term serving

I am already owned more than 10 years by my Master and I can't stress the fact enough how much I enjoy this form of long term serving. Some people I know prefer different BDSM dates with different people, or they especially enjoy it when they can do something for the first time with a person, for example keeping somone chaste for the first time etc.

But on my side I always seeked and really enjoy serving the same person a long time. This is for various reasons. It helps become better and better over time. Slaves need constant training to be able to serve appropiately. My Master knows how He wants to be served and has trained me in this ways. Master tells me how much He enjoys having His trained animal performing exactly the way He expects it.

Furthermore serving for a long time gives you the chance of proactive serving. You might notice a routine in your Master's habit and then you might offer a service accordingly. For example if your Master orders you to prepare a cigar every Sunday evening you might start preparing that on your own. If your Master orders you to pack His luggage in the same way every time, you can learn and serve proactively. 

Most important trust and love develop over time. My love and especially trust has gotten bigger and deeper over the years. Which is great when Master wants to try out new things. This became especially visible when I noticed that I love Him so much that I am not bothered at all when He plays with other submissives, something that was more complicated for me at the beginning of our relationship. 

And I can't wait how our long term D/s relationship will even get deeper over the next decade!

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