Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Being impressed by the training I receive by my Master

I consider myself as a natural born submissive slave. After more than 10 years of service to my Master I have to say I am really impressed by how my Master trained me and how He made things reality I didn't know where possible at all. I am really grateful how my Master trains me and how far He has brought me. He managed to deepen my natural submissive side over the years. 

I know what has happened to me, but sometimes I see it from a more distant perspecitve. Like someone watching a handler and his well trained dog and saying. "Wow this dog is really great trained and totally obedient and focused on it's owner. That must be a great trainer." But the trainer I am watching is my Master and the dog I am seeing is myself. Master trained me to totally focus on Him and His needs and put them first wherever possible. But not in a way where He denies me anything or takes things away from me, but to a point where I want those things for myself and I am only happy when I do so. For example Master has taken away all my sexuality and rerouted it. Now the only way I feel something like sexuality is by pleasing my Master by doing everything that He gets the best orgasm possible. 

It is a great symbosis we have in this way and I am completly honest to  Him and tell Him that only He made it possible that I rechead this level of obedience with His persistent training. This dog can't wait for the future months and years!

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fag slave said...

Training is an important part of a Master/slave relationship. It never ends as new ideas and thoughts by Master are created in His mind through experiences with others in the community. slaves should always except this training so they can better serve Master which will make the slave feel good about being able to satisfy Master's needs, desires, and wants.