Thursday, November 4, 2021

Forcing in slavetrainings

I decided to write about the topic of "forcing" a slave. In a BDSM-relationship or in slave trainings you sometimes force the slave to do or endure things he perhaps does not want to do. It is in the nature of a D/s relationship. Of course there is also a "but" which I want to explain further.

My slave would not have developed this way if I did not force him in his slave trainings. As he became my slave he knew and accepted or better commited that I will force him in his slavetrainings and exactly here lays an essential part: He "accepted" and knew forcing is part of the training method in his slave trainings and slave life. He had the chance to choose if he accepts that condition and becomes my slave or to decline and to stay an unowned slave.

But there is another very important aspect I have to mention: Intensity!
You can force a slave in various intensity and as everything - at a certain point or at a certain amount - it becomes unhealty and will harm or destroy the trust! As a responsible Master it is my duty to never cross that line and to guide my slave into his submission on a healthy and constructive, as well as trusted base. A Master trains and molds his slave. So a Master is a "trainer" and a trainer pushes but also cares about the wellbeing of his slave. Natural slaves want to serve and want to be dominated by a Superior. It is a need they have and if they follow their needs and want to become a better slave or deepen their submission they know that (a little bit) forcing can help them to improve. The "but" lays in the intensity which the Master has to keep a good focus on. Thefore the methode of forcing should be handle with care and only used in small doses to never cross the line.

I want to give one example to illustrate what I exactly mean. If I would have forced my slave into absolut chastity from day one - no orgasm. Iit would had broke the trust which I first have to earn. Furthermore my slave was not ready for it. So I began to force him to stay chaste for some weeks and slowly increased the periods. Today my slave receives no orgasms and wears his chastity device day and night. That was possible because over time I forced him slowly into that state - step by step and I always watched and evaluated his state to not overstrain him or to cross a line.

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Slave S. said...

Thank you Sir, as always for Your valuable advices! I would like to ask: what about the limits? do You have to respect them regardless or do You educate Your slave to overcome them?

Anonymous said...

Hello Master, I love your blog and this is a really good article.

Salve bkrbndg

Master D. said...

Thank you anonymous.

@slave s.:
Limits can be shifted. I am not interested to train my slave to a limitless slave. I think having limits is healthy. But of course sometimes I want to shift a limit a little bit.