Thursday, October 28, 2021

Running errands for your Master

Running errands is part of our everyday life. Between work and family we all have to find time to perform different tasks. The good thing when you own a slave is that you can either order your slave to do those errands for you or you have trained and molded him over the years that he is capable of doing them on his own. At some point he will foresee the tasks you want him to do and will perform them without you having to tell you about them.

It depends on what kind of Master you are - how you want your slave to perform errands for you.
If you want to be in full control then you will probably tell you slave every task he has to do and how to perform it exactly. This can be quite time consuming. But you can be sure, that your slave performs exactly those tasks you want him to do, he is always kind of waiting for the next order and you can of course punish him if he fails to perform a tasks the way you told him to. This way of ordering errands can be in a long term relationship, but it is probably ideal when you see a slave only once or twice and not on regular basis.
The second type of Master enjoys it more that the slave gains knowledge over time and starts to perform the errands on his own. He does not care exactly how they are done, but he expects the outcome to be as he likes it. He enjoys it when he has more free time, because he does not have to think about all the tasks he has to give to his slave, but enjoys when they are done and punishes when there is a mistake. Of course this type of a serving slave is only possible in a long term relationship, or when you see your slave on a regular basis. You can’t expect a slave to pick up your favorite coffee brand and that you enjoy chocolate cake at 4 pm when he hast just met you.
My Master is definitely of the second type. Of course in the beginning he had to give me a lot of orders on what to do and how to do it. But I think he noticed pretty soon that I always tried to please him, thought ahead and tried to foresee his wishes. I was not sure if he enjoyed that but he seemed pleased every time I foresaw an order of him and praised me for being a natural slave. Now my Master definitely enjoys it that he has trained and molded an attentive slave that not only takes many every day errands of him but organizes them on his own. My Master does not have to tell me to buy this amount of tea of this brand, or this milk etc. He just expects them to find them whenever he needs them and it is my duty that he will not be disappointed. If I forget to buy a product of which I should have known that my Master had wanted it of course I get punished. But surely this is not only about every day shopping, but more about having clothes ready, packing the suitcase when he is on a business trip accordingly to the type of event, climate and weather of the region etc. He expects that I pack his suitcase with all the things he will need without having to worry about them. This has gone even farther in the last years where he expects me to know about Birthdays of family and friends and buy appropriate presents for them etc. Of course he has always the power to order me to do something differently. For example if he needs something special for his trip, than I pack it and of course I am allowed to asks questions to perform my duty. For example if a business client rather prefers red or white wine etc. But it is my duty to keep those questions as few as possible and don’t bother my Master with them. He always says when those tasks come up, that he has a slave for that that should take care of this errands. And he is right!

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Slave S. said...

Thank you fellow slave for your post.
My master trained to make all the chores and errands to make sure I know my place.
Also he started to make family and friends aware of it, letting them to ask for errands as well.