Thursday, October 21, 2021

Privacy for an owned slaves

Privacy is an import part of all our lives. Having privacy and "secrets" is an import part of our rights. No matter if you are a Superior, inferior or vanilla. So the question comes up: What's about privacy for a slave towards his Master? In todays blogpost I want to discuss and show my view about this topic.

Does I allow my slave to have privacy? Yes of course, but I decide where he has the right for privacy. As my owned slave belongs to me it is my decision where he receives privacy and I know it is important to have such areas. First of all: All areas which relate to his being as a slave have to be fully transparent and he has therefore no right for privacy towards me. Therefore I have full acess to all his BDSM related accounts. Furthermore he has no right for privacy in all conversations which are BDSM related. So when writing with other Masters, slaves or BDSM interested people I take the right to read them if I want to. Does this mean I read everything and every time? No, I don't. When he writes with Superiors I check here and there if he treats them with the respect the Superior deserves.
When my slave writes with (vanilla) friends or family - so non BDSM related - I give him full privacy. I am therefore not interested in reading these kind of messages.

The reason you should give your slave privacy is simple: Giving privacy is part of showing/giving trust towards your slave. Enemy nr. 1 of trust is ("total") control. So why should I check every tiny step of my slave when he has my full trust?
To explain that further lets look at an example in our daily life: In which workplace do you want to work: 1. In a workplace where EVERY single step you make is supervised and controlled from your boss. Where he perhaps does not trust you or 2. in a environment where you are allowed to work on your own - of course in certain boundaries - but of course are checked here and there and your boss trusts you?
The same occurs for my slave. Giving him a certain privacy or boundaries means I am trusting my slave. I believe that trust (from both!) is one of the essential parts of BDSM and is needed that it works.

I also believe that another important factor when taking away the slave's privacy is the mindset and reason why you are doing it. I believe a Master who controls a slave because of a lack of trust reacts differently (body language, intonation of voice, reactions) then a Master who trusts his slave and wants to show his power and ownership over him.

So yes I give my slave privacy but he has not rights for privacy in the BDSM/sexual-related parts of his life. This should show and let him feel my power and ownership over him and because I trust him it is not my intention to read every single line he is writing. I read here and there some lines and check if he behaves as he should as my slave.

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