Thursday, October 7, 2021

Renting out my slaveobject to a Master colleague

You probably read my article about "borrowing my slave to another Master" (
link) and "Why I would not rent out my slave, although I find the idea hot!" (link). I recommend to read them first before continuing reading this article. I had the chance to borrow out my slaveobject again to a well trusted and well known Master colleague. Of course, I seized that opportunity! First of all because I have been training and molding my slave for many years and therefore I am proud of my work and like to share it with Masters who see the value and work. Secondly, I believe it is good for the evolution and training of the slave to be sometimes ordered to serve another Master. 

While discussing everything with my Master colleague about borrowing out my slave, I mentioned my idea of renting out my slave (for money). My Master colleague found the idea also very inspiring and interesting so we decided that this time I will rent out my slave instead of borrowing him out. Therefore, we discussed all the rental conditions first.

I made some thoughts why I love the idea of renting out my slave and why this is for me a more intense level of lending him away. There are several reasons why I find this inspiring. The most important reason is: When you rent something, you officially or "legally" have the right to use it - of course in the boundaries of the agreements. Unlike borrowing, renting out my slave has a more "official" character. The Master is - on a psychological level - more "rightful" to use the slave because it is a "bilateral interaction" between the Master’s than borrowing the slave out - unilateral interaction.
But also for the slave comes a greater expectation therefore. Besides the fact that my slave represents my work and stands up for my reputation, he must now also be worth the money that the master colleague pays! Which on the other hand I have to stand for.  
Another reason that I like about the idea of renting out my slave is that my work - molding and training my slave - gets respected and I receive credit for it. Don't get me wrong! I am not doing it for the money. A verbal credit for my work in my slave is a much greater compliment. I train my slave because it is my passion and it always was my deepest desire to own and train a slave.
Moreover, I see the rental fee in some way also as a compensation for not be able to see and evaluate my slave performance while he is serving the other Master.

Another reason is: It shows clearly the ownership and the hierarchy between a slave and his Master. My slave has to serve another Master as ordered while I negotiate the conditions with the other Master which my slave had no say in it and is none of his business . This is clearly a strong sign of ownership and objectification.

As discussed earlier, renting out my slave is a stronger level of lending out my slave. But as I wrote in my previous article. I am responsible for my slave and therefore I would not borrow/rent him to any stranger or to people who have not my fullest trust. In this case I was happy that my Master colleague – which I know now quite a while and has my fullest trust - liked the idea and wanted to try it out. It was a nice experience and of course I would have borrowed out my slave for free for this colleague.

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