Thursday, September 30, 2021

Kissing a Master

A slave recently asked me on twitter if I was allowed to kiss my Master and I want to put some thoughts in that. As you know my Master is not only my Master but also my partner, husband and the love of my life. So of course we share many intimate moments and part of these intimate moments is of course kissing. Depending on the situation etc. I sometimes kiss his feet goodbye in the morning but we also kiss goodbye with our mouths. It is really not that strict. Kissing is a valid and important part of our relationship and as I may say - Master is a great kisser.

 Of course some might say it is strange to for Master and slave to kiss each other. But I think that BDSM, love and trust are deeply connected so that kissing is no contradiction to a M/s-relationship. 

Of course any Master can handle it the way he wants it with his slave. There are indeed many ways of showing love and affection than kissing. Some Masters might show love by allowing their slaves to lick their feets. And I know many Masters who would never kiss their slaves during a session, but likely before or afterwards. But it is not that strict with my Master. It is even the other way round. During an intenses session and being used kissing can bekome even more intimate. But of course it is not like I can just start to kiss my Master any time I want. Especially when I am in the high protocol I always wait like a good obedient dog for signs if he is going to kiss me or not and I react appropiatly. And sometimes when I think he is going to kiss me he just spits in my mouth. But that is also part of our relationship.

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